Sunday, January 27, 2013

No internett for me...

Hey there~

I just got home from my trip this weekend, where I had not much of an internet connection. Felt so cut of from the world. But it was a really fun weekend, and there was soooo much snow! :o
The car to a buddy of mine got snowed in because of it, and a very mean winter service vehicle. We had to dig and push the car out. Took us like half an hour. 

When we arrived at Friday we went to eat and then to the place we were staying. The night consisted of just relaxing and getting settled in (finding out who to sleep where and stuff). Then on Saturday we went to the town and spent some time at the mall. I did not buy a single clothing, make up or hair product while being there, something that I'm quite proud of being able to do! Then we went home and made some food. ^^ Pieces of beef and pommes frites and cheese. The next thing we did was going to the bowling hall. I love to bowl  but sadly I lost so it sung. Ended up at 40 points, when the winner was at 100...-.-
Later we went to a party, and it was lots of fun. Got a new friend, and ate lots of popcorn. ^.^
Sunday consisted of sleeping, eating and traveling with the buss for three hours. So now I'm really tired, and will head to bed. 

I was able to take a few pictures, and I'll upload them tomorrow. 

Have a good night
Bye bye~

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