Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Decora and Fairy Kei style!

Hi everyone! How are you doing?

As some of you may know, we had our half year-anniversary on Sunday. We were supposed to post an introduction video then, but we were delayed by low quality cameras and non working computers.
Bear with us though, it will hopefully be up as soon as possible! ^^

As for now, I thought I'd make a fashion post. It's been too long since last time!

Our focus today will be on: Decora and Fairy Kei style!  

Decora originated in Japan in the late 90's/early 20's. The clothes, hair and make-up started out as quite basic, cause' the wearer wanted the attention to be on the accessories. As you can hear from the name "decora", it's all about decorations! Key elements are tons of rings, bracelets, hair pins and badges. In this style, less is not more. As the style has been developing, the hairstyles and clothes have gotten more colorful as well. I think it's a very liberating style, as you can put on all the cute thingies you want to, without having to choose between them. I bet it's almost impossible to ever feel sad if you're a decora girl!

Fairy kei is a mix of decora, pop and lolita. Accessories are important here as well, but the main focus lays on super cute skirts and tops in pastel colors. Many fairy kei girls also dye their hair pastel. The style takes a lot of inspiration from toys and other kid's stuff, and elements from popular toy lines like My Little Pony, Care Bears and Barbie are common. It's possible to take it more in the pop direction, and use more neon colors instead of pastels. Whatever's to your liking ^^

I thought I'd feature these two styles together, as they're quite similar, and they often influence each other.
Now, here's a ton of inspiring pictures for you to enjoy:

Gaaahh, so much to choose from! >.<

Well, I hope you enjoyed this post, and let me know if you want something similar in the future, okay? ^^

Talk to you later, sweeties ~

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