Monday, January 7, 2013

Going back on track! ^.^

Hi again everyone! :D

Sorry for not blogging yesterday, Gulli is still a bit sick, and wanted me and a friend to join her, crushing her ginger bread house! We had a fun time together, though I was a little bit devastated to crush something that pretty :/ Both Gulli and our friend Audun are superb chefs, and make lovely cakes and muffins. I am, on the other hand, just happy if the kitchen doesn't burn down in the process. The house was so cute, and I can't imagine how long time she spent to decorate it. Just to crush it with a hammer. Because we didn't want crumbs to fly all over the place, Audun put a plastic bag over the house, while Gulli hit it multiple times.
It was just like an execution!! I sat on the couch covering my eyes, and waited for it to be over. If you didn't understand that yet, I'm a very compassionate soul.

Look at the pretty little house :3 Before it was smashed to pieces, and eaten up, that is.
She even melted lollipops to make multicolored window glass! My house hardly had any windows at all...

Anyway, I'm finally starting to get back in my everyday routine. My teachers obviously haven't heard of "a smooth start", and packed us up with tests and homework already. It seems like everything has started like a big explosion, and it gives no time for laid back persons like me to get back on track.
Well, I guess you just have to go with the flow sometimes ^^
The Christmas snow has melted away in our town now, and in the previous days it's been raining a lot.
No idea why, but it makes me so happy! I think I might be in love with rain. It's perfect for getting back in the normal routine, and after a long Christmas inside, it feels so refreshing. Also, raindrops drumming on the roof is my ideal lullaby :3

I haven't told you about my New Year resolutions yet, maybe I'll write a post about them later ^^
But I picked up a lovely idea from Rainbowholic, a super cute and inspiring blogger and fashionista I'm following! If you're having troubles staying encouraged throughout the year, why don't you write down what you're happy and grateful for on small pieces of paper, whenever you remember something?
Then you can store them in a jar or something similar, and read them at the end of the month or whenever you feel down ^.^

I'll try to do this, as you never know when you'll need some encouragement and inspiration!

Hope you all have a nice beginning of the new year, and stay tuned to us! (Gulli will be recovered soon too, believe me, I'll force her to)

Until next time <3

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