Thursday, January 10, 2013

Super cute videos to make you smile! ^3^

Hello sugar crumbs!

I was so tired and sleepy yesterday that after making dinner, I almost fell asleep once I sat down, so there wasn't any energy left to write a blog post. So I thought I'd share some of super cute videos that can totally change a crappy day into a happy day. :)

These are some of the videos that really make me want an animal. They are soooo CUTE >3< After watching these, you can't help but smile, or be like me and squeal with joy and overload of cuteness.

So, are you still alive? Good! Because I'm about to fall asleep here. I just  got home from the cinema after watching the movie Life of Pi. A great movie, really enjoyed it.You know what else I did? I went to the gym for the first time this year! This is the start, and from here it can only go up. ^.^

I think I better go to bed soon...
According to my friend Audun, this is me... and right now, it's true
Sweet dreams ^w^~

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