Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Happy New Year!

Happy new year guys!

Welcome 2014, I hope you'll be awesome!

Hope you had a wonderful time, I know I did. I spent new years eve celebrating with my friends, and we had so much fun watching the fireworks and just playing around being stupid.
One week went by super fast and now that we're into the second week of the new year, school has started again... Only four months or so left until I have finish high school, and I'm so looking forward to spring and summer. Hopefully it won't be too long to wait.

I am welcoming 2014 and it's opportunities and happenings with open arms. I think it'll be a good year for me, especially because I will probably, most likely, get into college around summer times, and then I get to do something completely different from what I do now. I'm planning on studying Japanese, and I to study a little in Japan too. *dreaming* *dreaming*

Will try and blog more often since we have a new year and all that. But now I'm gonna get ready for bed, need my sleep.

Bye Bye~