Friday, January 18, 2013

Why so serious?

Good evening! Hope you all are having a nice Friday night! ^^

I'm so tired now. It feels like it's middle of night already. Guess I've been doing a lot this week, I've been half asleep the whole day. Luckily Friday is a quite relaxed day in my class, all we've done is reading, playing games, walked to town and back, and playing ball games in gym class. Due to my sleepy state, I didn't impress much. Honestly, I never do! All I did was discussing with my gym teacher which music he should play. "No, no, no, that music is way too slow! Can't you see we're in the heat of the game here??"
I said we, even though I was standing on the sideline as one of the first to get shot. (Great job, Silje. Very impressing.) As you may understand it happened close to nothing interesting today, and I don't think my brain works as normal either. That's why I decided to give you some notes of what was on my mind today:

  • I'm always late. Always. And that could be why people everywhere stares surprised at me and shout: "Congratulations!" or "What are you doing here so early? It's a whole minute until we start!" whenever I actually arrive in time. One time the teacher and the whole class even applauded me! .__.
  • I should write a book. Yes, I should! The youngest author in Norway is as far as I know 16 years old, and I happen to be 15. So if I hurry to finish the book before my birthday in November, I'll be the youngest! And you what that means? Publicity. And that means money. Cash~ing!
  • My grade in gymnastics is 5 (B). That is either a big mistake in the paper work, or my gym teacher showing a lot of mercy. 
Certain music should be forbidden from certain people. If people really knew how much my personality change with a song, they wouldn't let me listen to it. My mother and stepfather should have realized just how crazy my music is, but...they like it too. Yes, they like it! Even though they usually don't understand half of it. (It's either Korean, Japanese, or just really, really fast.) Well, shouldn't people listen to whatever music that makes them happy? I'll link you a music video of Crayon by G-dragon (Korean rapper and Big Bang member). You can love it or hate it, but it's totally mind blowing!
And it sets a great example of my mood today...

If I'm mad, he's supermad O.O

But I haven't been all useless today! I planned a nice girls night for Gulli and I. Tomorrow, of course. Now I'm way to tired/over tired. We'll both bring our cameras (though mine is acting like it's from the last millennium) and we try to have a photoshoot or videoblog for you guys! What would you prefer? ^^

Rather short update this time. I really, really need you guys to come with suggestions!
Do you think we should have more personal posts like this one, or stick to fashion and self-confidence posts?

Well, I promise we'll blog tomorrow! Talk to you later, cute ones! \^.^/

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