Saturday, January 12, 2013

Dare to live your dreams!

Hi cute ones!

Did you have a nice Saturday? Well, I sure had! ^.^ In fact I almost forgot to blog today, and I wasn't really sure what to write about. We are huge fans of self confidence and individuality here at Sakura Kiss, as well as fashion and beauty stuff, so I thought I was going to give you another reminder now. Honestly, I don't think it can be said often enough. Please, please, be yourself! And don't let anyone else tell what you can and can't do. I've heard plenty of discouraging things about myself in the past, and I hardly recognize the person I was before. Whenever I think back, I always think about how weak, naive and unsure I was. But it also hits me how cruel and despicable some people can be. Taking advantage of the ones weaker than you, is really some of the most cowardly and coldhearted things you can do. We hear about such people in the media everyday, but just think how many it actually is! People who lie, manipulate and destroy others self confidence to nothingness. .
I don't wanna drift too far away from the point here, but just don't let such trash ruin for you.

While I and a good friend of mine was taking a walk yesterday, we talked about opportunities and dreams, and how everyone should follow them. Since we live in a small town, far away from the worlds center stages, you really have to make a leap to get out. You need to decide on what to do. Some people leave for the city, and hardly ever come back Some move away to study and move back to start a family, and some stay in the area their whole lives. I'm sure many of you can relate no matter where you grew up.
In most communities, cities too, there are expectations of how you're gonna live your life. We also grow up in different environments of people, including our family, who all have an expectation of us.
I think it's important that we get a chance to think for ourselves, without any influence, on how we wanna live.

My father, for instance, is a very strict and proper man. My grades interest him far more than if I thrive at school. His biggest wish for me is that I get a good education and a well paid job, so I can live a comfortable life. He would prefer me to become a doctor, engineer or lawyer.
"But Father, my dream is to become an actress!" I told him once.
"That's just a child dream. In reality, it's close to impossible. If you try to become an actress, you'll end up poor, with no other options."
He didn't believe in me. Even when I called and told him I got a small role in a TV series, his answer was: "You just got lucky this time."
And when I told him I was learning Japanese, and that I wanted to go to Tokyo this summer, he just laughed.  "What is the point? What do you want to achieve there?" he asked.
"I want to learn a new language and explore a culture I'm fascinated by. I want to experience. That's all."
He still didn't understand.
"Japanese is a very important language in the modern business world, you know." I said.
"Then why don't you go to China? I think Chinese is more important."
Of course my father would never understand my real reasons to go to Japan. I convinced him that knowing Japanese would give me a big advantage in many jobs. And so he agreed to pay a third of my travel expenses to Tokyo. Believing that I wanted to learn Japanese in order to get a well paid job.
"Maybe I can live and study there too, someday?" I said.
"No. Stay in a culture close to our own. Don't make it difficult for yourself."
But guess what, I'm aiming on a year abroad in Japan, anyway. After all, how is he to decide how I'm gonna live my life? This is me, and this is what I want to do. And believe me, he is not the only one being skeptical about my Japan dream.

Despite what it may sound, my father encourage me greatly. I've always looked forward to the day I can look him in the eyes and say: "I've succeeded on my own. You were wrong."

Another quite personal post, but I hope some of you got inspired to follow your dreams! ^.^
I'm sure everyone has that special someone they wanna say "Look, I did it!" to. Who's yours?

Good night and sweet dreams! ^^

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