Monday, March 11, 2013

I want: Pink hair!

Hey sweeties!

Today I felt an instant urge to color my hair light pink. I'm not sure why, I've thought of it a long time, but today I had some sort of vision of myself with gorgeous, candy floss pink hair.
Even when I thought of all the bad points, such as bleach and re-growth, it still felt like a good idea!
Honestly I still haven't got the vision out of my head, so who knows, maybe my hair will be pink soon? ^^
My mother sounded a bit skeptical when I told her over the phone, and she asked if I could wait until my light pink wig arrive so I can try the color on first. I guess she's not that spontaneous.
I've always wanted to try an unnatural hair color, and I think light pink is perfect. It's cute and edgy at the same time, and it fits my wardrobe :)

Oooh, isn't it just so lovely?! Me want >.<

By the way, I just remembered that we have a whole day English test tomorrow. Not that I'm so bad in English, but there are some texts we have to read on forehand in order to do the tasks. I just found out that these texts are 16 pages all together. It's about time to start reading them, huh?
I guess I'll never change.

Thought I'd share this smart video with you before I go, some really good tips there! ^^
 29 Ways To Stay Creative

Well, talk to you later <3

Btw, what do you think of the hair color? :3


  1. What hair dye did you use? Do you have any suggestion of hair dyes ???

    1. I'm sorry, I ended up not dying my hair since I figured it would put too much restrictions on my choice of clothes o.o (I really like wearing many different colors, and not all of them match light pink)

      Anyway, as for tips I would say always make a professional do it! I have rather long hair, and I don't want to just chop it off if it goes wrong. Of course, not all salons are good at dying hair in extreme colors (or dying hair at all...), so the best would be to do some background research first.
      If the hairdresser reacts: "OMG, YOU WANT TO DYE IT PINK??", then that's a no.

      Thanks for your comment and sorry I couldn't be of more help!

      If you're ever going to Tokyo, the number one stop for dying hair would be Viva Cute Candy. (


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