Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Happy 6 months anniversary! ^o^


I'm so so so sorry I haven't blogged in ages! The past week I've been either busy or totally out of energy. School just finished and the long awaited summer vacation is finally here!

On the 23rd was our half year anniversary! Amazing to think that we have been writing here for 6 months. We couldn't have done it without you guys that have been following us so far. Thank you for visiting the blog and giving us the spirit to keep on writing. I know we have our moments when we are totally out of inspiration and have absolutely nothing to write about, but hopefully we'll be able to get our self together now that we have made our first video. Yes you read right. We have recorded a video for you guys since it was our anniversary. It's kind of like an introduction video of our self and the blog.

Since this is our first video it's not very professional, but hopefully they'll be better in the future.
I hope this makes up for our lack of updates lately, at least from me... Silje has been better than me the past days. ^^

Will talk to you guys soon.^^
Bye Bye~

Decora and Fairy Kei style!

Hi everyone! How are you doing?

As some of you may know, we had our half year-anniversary on Sunday. We were supposed to post an introduction video then, but we were delayed by low quality cameras and non working computers.
Bear with us though, it will hopefully be up as soon as possible! ^^

As for now, I thought I'd make a fashion post. It's been too long since last time!

Our focus today will be on: Decora and Fairy Kei style!  

Decora originated in Japan in the late 90's/early 20's. The clothes, hair and make-up started out as quite basic, cause' the wearer wanted the attention to be on the accessories. As you can hear from the name "decora", it's all about decorations! Key elements are tons of rings, bracelets, hair pins and badges. In this style, less is not more. As the style has been developing, the hairstyles and clothes have gotten more colorful as well. I think it's a very liberating style, as you can put on all the cute thingies you want to, without having to choose between them. I bet it's almost impossible to ever feel sad if you're a decora girl!

Fairy kei is a mix of decora, pop and lolita. Accessories are important here as well, but the main focus lays on super cute skirts and tops in pastel colors. Many fairy kei girls also dye their hair pastel. The style takes a lot of inspiration from toys and other kid's stuff, and elements from popular toy lines like My Little Pony, Care Bears and Barbie are common. It's possible to take it more in the pop direction, and use more neon colors instead of pastels. Whatever's to your liking ^^

I thought I'd feature these two styles together, as they're quite similar, and they often influence each other.
Now, here's a ton of inspiring pictures for you to enjoy:

Gaaahh, so much to choose from! >.<

Well, I hope you enjoyed this post, and let me know if you want something similar in the future, okay? ^^

Talk to you later, sweeties ~

Friday, June 14, 2013

Summer vacation soon! ~

Hi sweeties! Long time no see!

I really wonder where all my energy went. It's the final days of school over here now, next Thursday I'll be graduating... So I'm really using my last energy reserves before summer vacation to get over and done with it. Today we got to know our subject and theme for the final oral exams that will be held on Tuesday.
I got English! My theme is "Being young on the edge", so I choose to focus on youth rebellion. Finally a task where I can express some of my own opinions, not just the endless mathematics!

Yesterday we had a day off, so I got time to catch up on non-school stuff. There are so many things going on now, you have no idea! I'm really tired, and I can't wait for the vacation. My grades are finally where I want them to be now, so I can relax with good conscience ^^
As you may know I'm self-studying Japanese now, and that won't take a break just because it's vacation. The blog won't take a break either, of course! I hope I'll have more time to write here once school is finished. Also, a few days ago I got chosen as the new leader in our theater for next season! I'm really looking forward to begin with a new play! Luckily I got a co-leader, so I won't take on too much responsibility.
Since I had some time on my hands yesterday, I took on a long neglected task: bathing my dog Tinto.
Tinto has A LOT of fur, and he really dislikes water. Sounds like fun, right?

"I thought... I thought you loved me :("

"Do you see how much pain I'm going through because of you? :(("

"Please stop... I promise I'll be good for the rest of my life!"

"Wiiih, finished! ~"

And here's a practicing sheet from my Hiragana studying. It's starting to look okay, right? :D
Now I just have Katakana and Kanji left... 

I can't believe I'm graduating next week. I haven't had the time to think about it, so I realized just now. I'm really excited to see what lays ahead of me now that I'm finished with this period of my life. 
I'm sure you all are feeling excited for the summer as well! Remember, no matter how hard things may seem in the present, there are always good things waiting for you in the future! 

Stay well, everyone! Until next time ~

Friday, June 7, 2013

Future blog plans! ^^

Hello lovelies! ~

Sorry for my lack of blogging lately... Guess who was lucky enough to get drawn in math for tryout oral exams too? Oh yeah. The math is seriously following me. I'll probably get drawn in math for the real oral exam at Friday as well ._.
In other words, I've been stuck inside preparing my tasks until yesterday, and today, of course, my class had to take a long bus ride in order to visit a quarry (?). It's quite common for businesses and other workplaces here to invite school classes. They want to convince us that a bright future awaits us right here in our local community, and that it's not necessary for us to move anywhere else. Nowadays most young people on the Norwegian countryside move to the cities to work and live, and it has turned into a problem in many areas.
Oh well, I think they should have credit for trying. Even though I think every person should get an opportunity to decide for themselves what they want to do with their lives, before anyone else tells them what's smart or not.

Anyway, Gulli and I have decided that we'll make an introduction video of ourselves and the blog for our half year-anniversary! It will (hopefully) be up on the date itself, which is 23rd of June ^^
I'm a bit nervous for showing all of you our crazy personalities, bad sense of humor, and weird accents... But it's about time to show ourselves! Heh...

Since there's no doubt you guys have a lot of interest in fashion, I'm thinking about making more fashion posts soon. It takes a bit more work than ordinary posts, but I think it's fun and I learn a lot by researching different sub-trends. I hope you will enjoy them as well! ^.^

Now I'm going to enjoy the rest of my Friday night, talk to you later! ~

PS. To all of our readers in center Europe that's been affected by the flood: I hope all of you are doing all right, and that things soon will return to normal!  

Tuesday, June 4, 2013



Right now I'm sitting at school preparing for our exam. I have my exam on Thursday, and today we have to finish writing our recipes and stuff. Almost finished, but I'm taking a break to talk to you guys. ^.^ 

Well, since I'm in school now I can't take many outfit posts and such, so I thought I'd do something that fits right now. A food post~
Basically I'm gonna make you hungry. 

You might notice that I really like bacon by the end of this post, and it will give you a tiiiny look at what we make at school sometimes. 

Chicken and bacon pasta salad. ^3^

Vanilla ice cream with berys and melon balls.

Bacon <3 <3 


Cake made at school. ;3

Ichigo<3 (strawberry) 

What awaited me when I got home after 17th of May. ^3^

Bacon whirred marshmallow~ 

This is almost what I'm gonna be making for my exam if I get fish.
You hungry now? >.>
Well I hope you like this anyway. Until next time
Bye Bye~