Tuesday, January 22, 2013

My day~

Hello unicorns~

I'm blogging from my phone now, so sorry if the post gets a little messed up...

Since we have theater practice today, I won't be able to blog properly until I get home to my computer. But I will probably be too tired at that moment.. Today has been a long day. We had a cheese course at school, so we've been eating cheese and making some food from a menu they prepeared, containing fish.. I don't like fish, unless it's fried in the pan or on the grill. Luckily we had meat for the main disj and creme brulee as dessert. Yummy! :)

This kinda turned into a what my day was like post. Well well, hopefully you foubd it interresting reading about my day. :p

We hope you'll tell us what you want us to write about. ^.^ we have had some trouble with the commenting system, but we hope it's been fixed now.

We're off to the theater soon.
Bye bye~

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