Monday, January 28, 2013

Why I became a blogger

Good evening sweet ones! ^^

Right now I'm typing carefully while I'm waiting for my nail polish to dry. Due to my laziness my nails have been "au nautral" for a while, and since they started to look ugly I decided to cover them up in deep, shiny Aruba Blue :3 It's a shame that I can't be more careful with my nails, once they've gotten long and pretty, I stop protecting them with basecoat and they all break. It's something very elegant and feminine over long nails. I don't like them super long, but just that little tip that makes the fingers look longer and slimmer.
Haha, but really, this post wasn't supposed to be about nails, anyway!

I have something to confess to you guys. I'm not an experienced blogger, and there are many times I don't have a clue of what to write about, and end up on something random. It's a bit frustrating too, cause' I really want to write about something interesting and helpful to my readers.
I also try to blog everyday. Sakura Kiss is still in a beginner phase, so I find it important to maintain a high activity on the blog, and try to fetch new readers ^.^
Lately our page views have been greatly increasing, so I have a good feeling that we will reach our goal together!

You might wonder why I became a blogger in the first pace?
Well, I've always been a girl with a lots of thoughts and opinions on everything, and it's nice to have a place to share it. I'm very fond of languages, different people and cultures, and the world in general, and that's why I love having an international blog! To get the opportunity to write for people all over the world feels amazing, and I get this tingling feeling whenever I see all the different countries our readers are from :3
I get my inspiration from all types of things, and as you may noticed my posts are quite different from each other too. It goes from Lolita fashion to bad days and personal thoughts and dreams.

I'm not sure what you prefer to read about. Maybe I should continue with a lot of different stuff like before to give you variation?  Sakura Kiss was made to be a lifestyle blog after all, so I'll write anything that I think will brighten your day or encourage you. ^^
Hopefully my posts haven't been that bad, and I hope that anyone who have a wish or idea for this blog doesn't hesitate to tell! We'd love to hear from you, even if it's critique :D

As for today, my mood has been on top all day! That's because my favorite band Nu'est released the date for their comeback this morning! ^^ 13th of February is already marked off in the calendar with a big heart :3 They haven't released new songs for over a half year now, so I'm aching to hear something new from them.
It's so nice to have the thought spinning in my back head all the time, that I don't think it's possible for me to have a bad day until the song is released! :D
I'll add the music video from their debut song "Face", which happens to be the most played song on my iPod. Watch it in HD!

Sweet dreams <3

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