Friday, January 11, 2013

Big, comfy sweaters love

Hey there sweethearts!

Today I thought I'd show you one of my favorite type of clothes to wear, the big, comfy sweater. During these cold seasons, it's important to stay warm, but when you want to keep looking cute and all that at the same time it's not always as simple. One of the options is layering, but what do you do when you don't have that much to layer with? I'm sure you all have one or two over-sized or just a little too big sweater in your closet. Paired up with tights (if the sweater covers your bum) or skinny jeans it's a great look. You can define your waist by adding a thin or thick belt, add accessorize and just play with the look until you have something you're happy with.

 This is one of my sweaters. It's actually a boy sweater, so it work quite good as an over-sized one. ^.^ Yes, that is a hole in my tights...

As you can see, I'm wearing a striped one so I just used plain, black tights and nothing else. If it's a basic top, you can wear some big accessorize or a patterned tights, and the other way around if your wearing a printed/decorated one. ^.^
Off shoulder. I'ts not made to be off shoulder, so I kinda have to stretch it a little, but it works for a while. :p

I finally got a memory card to our camera, so I can use this to take some pictures. But they don't always become good, so I'm still getting a new one. (this one is getting kinda old, and it's impossible to take with me..)
Hope you liked this, and I'll probably make more of them later. ^.^

Bye Bye~ ^o^


  1. OMG. It looks sooo comfy. <3
    I like to wear boy shirts in XXL, even though I'm the size M. ^^
    What size is that compared to your original size? :)

    Love your blog X

  2. Hey, thanks for the sweet comment. :)

    The sweater is in size XXL I think, and I'm usually a size S, so it's quite big. ^^ Yeah, it's really comfy <3


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