Monday, January 14, 2013

My top 5 must haves in winter!

Hi cool and cute ones!

First of all I have to say welcome to our new readers! :D I really hope to see this blog grow further in the future, and I'll try my best to please all of you! ^^ Now, in the beginning, we are not really sure what you want to read about, so if you have any suggestions or ideas: please let us now! We've tried to cover many topics recently, so tell as what you prefer ;)

By the way: technology hates us, and when Gulli's computer recovered, my camera decided to get ill. It's not completely dead, but it needs so long exposure time! Like, do you want me to hold a pose in ten minutes?? Stupid camera.. :( People of  the early camera days: you have my full compassion.

It is winter in Norway, it's cold, dark and harsh. I've made it my hobby to do the most out of every season, so winter is my cozy-inside time of year. What is essential for a cozy winter? Here's my list:

1. Thick wool socks!
So warm... So cozy... Our house tends to be quite cold in winter time (except when my grandmother visits. When she says: "I'm just going to put on a log", she actually burns up a half three and our living room transforms into a sauna), so I practically live in a thick pair of woolen socks. I sleep in them too. It's actually my heat-loving grandmother who makes the socks for me, haha ^^

2. Hair oil!
My hair is quite long and thick, and it can get really, REALLY frizzy. "Sheep" would be a fitting word to describe it. Wind, low temperatures and moisture in the air is a tricky combination for your hair. If it gets wet in minus degrees, it can actually freeze and break! My best bet is to wear the big hood on my jacket whenever I step outside, use hair treatment every time I wash my hair, and of course: hair oil.
My favorite is Moroccan Oil, while Gulli prefer Lee Stafford's Argan Oil treatment. Both are good!
... and this is some of what I need to keep it that way. 

This is my hair...
3. Caffe latte and cacao and tea! <3
Well, staying in track with my "healthy living" post, it's only tea at the moment. But all are essential for a cold winter inside! Yummy...

4. Stockings and tights 
Especially those who are knitted in pretty patterns. They are comfortable to wear, quite warm, and works perfectly with the knitted winter fashion. Here is my favorite pair:
I know, I know: not a good picture. But hey, my legs were aching after holding the same pose for minutes :(
5. Knitted sweaters 
Love, love, love! Stay in style, while also staying warm and comfy. Win-win case. And there are so many styles and colors to try! What about this one in mint green? I own the same in light pink ^^

What do you think is essential during winter? 

Hope you all are enjoying a cozy winter, talk to you later! ^^

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  1. HALLA <3
    OMG, You can write aboute youre supercool classmate Tonje! hahah, kidding xP
    But, you and Gulli can write 10 fun facts about each other ?
    Your can write about "saftkrukka"?(your theatre)
    Make a videoblog of eachother?
    Have a "must do" video?

    I love this blog!
    - Siljes classmate, that is actually much smarter than Silje B) (What did I just say now?)


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