Wednesday, January 16, 2013

My day + Outfits ^.^

Hey there!

So sorry for not blogging yesterday! I was so tired after gym and didn't get home until after theater practice, and then I was way too sleepy to blog. Today I went to the gym to work out! *proud* I'm working hard on the training part of my resolutions. Like Silje said I brought my camera for theater practice today, but sadly it ran out of power... typical, but I did manage to get some pictures before it died. Also took some with my phone, but don't think they became so good.

I won't be able to upload any photos from my camera tonight, but tomorrow you'll get to see them. Instead I have some outfit photos I still haven't posted. Hope you'll like them. ^.^

These are some of the outfits I wore the last days, and as you can see, I like to wear tights and big/baggy shirts and sweaters.

 Here I'm actually wearing a baseball tee from a Japanese brand, called one spo. I LOVE it! It's so cute, but a little short during the winter season, so I have to use a long sleeveless top underneath.

I'm also wearing a tights here, but this time in leopard pattern. It's so cute, and has got a zipper on the side of the ankles. I paired it with a big knitted sweater.

Let us know if you'd like to read more posts like this, please let me know. We want to know what you guys want us to write about, so we won't run out of ideas and leave you without nothing to read. And that would be sad. :(

Hope you like this. ^^
Bye Bye~

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