Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Can math be cute?

Hi sweet people!

Yes, I am alive too. Despite all the little things that's been troubling me lately. God, the Devil, the angels, nature spirits, aliens or whoever is in charge out there must be having a lot of fun.
Since our last show Friday night and up til yesterday, I had a constant headache. Mom was convinced it was a reaction on finally having nothing to do. (That doesn't really makes sense, or...?)
Today I was actually feeling just fine, until I got to school and the Principal told us which exam we'll have.
What I got? Math. Which happens to be the the subject I'm worst at.

At first my reaction was this: 

Then I was like: 

And suddenly I was like:

After all, we'll be finished first. Our exam is on Tuesday, while the others have it many weeks ahead. In that way it won't take too much time, and I can focus on other things. 
Not to mention that our teachers actually do a good job in teaching us in the preparation days. I'm sure it's gonna work out just fine! ^^ 

To cheer myself up even more I found these pictures presenting math in a cute way:
(To me, everything that's cute is okay)

Wii ~

Let's just hope that all this self manipulation gives me good grades too. 

Good night <3

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