Thursday, January 24, 2013

Inspiring city life!

Hi sweet readers! ^^

So... Today have been a quite normal, busy day. Left the house at 08.20, returned home at 18.40.
After school I walked to a meeting in the other end of town, and after we were done I went to a cafe/restaurant-thingy with my friend. (I think it's a restaurant, but it's too ugly to be called that.) Afterwards we had to attend something called "dark driving", which is a part of the driver training in Norway. It's basically about us sitting in a car while the teacher/driver asks us questions about the signs we pass, and about how to use the headlights and what distance we should keep from the car ahead and such.
It's even more important to learn in Norway, as it's quite dark, snowy and icy in the winter time.
I'm not stressing about driver training yet though, as I have to turn 18 before I can drive.
To all you readers in the USA, and everyone else who can drive when they're 16; I kinda envy you, but at the same time it's kinda scary. I would never get driven by most 16 year-old's I know! Way too immature to be placed in a driver seat O.O
I don't think I want to start driving soon, either. I don't trust myself.
Sure, I'm going to take the driver license, but there's no hurry to get a car. I'm planning on moving to a big city when I finish high school anyway, and it's much better to take the metro or use the trains, in my opinion. A full packed metro is not my favorite thing, but at least you'll arrive on time. The rush traffic on the roads is a very different story! And it's good to the environment to use public transport too ^^

I'm looking forward to spend some time in the city soon! It's noisy and crowded, but the city life has it's charm. Personally, I enjoy watching other people. (Don't get it the wrong way).
There are so many different personalities on the street, and it's fun to look at everyone's individual style. I often try to guess where they are going, where they've been, and what's on their mind.
There are so many details many of us don't notice!
Like how cheerful a little girl becomes when she's feeding the birds, and the business man who is way too late for a meeting.
The couple where the guy is obviously in love and tries to hold her hand, show her things and talk to her, but the girl just keeps on talking with her friend on the phone.
You might find it weird that I notice all this, but all I do is looking outside my own world and see what's around me. I find these tiny glimpses of others life really inspiring! ^^
You can try it yourself! Find a nice spot in a park, at a street cafe, or another public place. Airports and metros are also interesting "melting pots" of many different people.

Shanghai, China

London, England

New Delhi, India

Now, you don't expect me to be the most experienced city girl, but I've always been fascinated by the modern, urban culture. Of course it has some dark sides, but living in a small place does too. It is, like most things in life, what you make it to. 
I was born in a city after all, even though I moved to this small town when I was only six years old. 
My father and sister still lives there, so I visit many times a year. And as mentioned, my family travels a lot, so I've been lucky too visit many world metro poles! ^.^
And this summer, I'm going to visit Tokyo, the world's largest city, and my expectations are sky high! 
I try to keep them low, so I won't get disappointed, but every time I think of it I get that silly little smile and bubbly feeling. It's just like I'm in love. With a city I've never even been too! 
Maybe it's good though? You often ignore your loved one's flaws, don't you? Maybe I'll be so dazzled by Tokyo that I won't get negative. Three weeks without any negativity? Got to be good.

Dear Tokyo. You happen to be all I think of at the time, so you better not let me down.
-Sincerely, yours forever, Silje Nikolina.
What do you think? Is the city life important to you, or do you prefer to be in smaller places? Please tell! :3

By the way, we made a little change on our commenting system now, so you don't have to prove you're not a robot to comment anonymous. We don't believe our readers to be robots, anyway. (Are you?)

Talk to you later! <3

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