Wednesday, January 16, 2013

I'm such a messy head!

Hi everyone! ^^

Sorry for not blogging yesterday! There's a lot going on right now, and I was busy all day until I got home from theater practice in the evening. I was so tired, so I just took a long shower and went straight to bed. My mother is worried that I'll end up completely stressed out like last year, I guess she's really afraid I'll have a breakdown again :/ Today is no different, and I'm actually going to the theater in half an hour. Gulli is going too, and she'll bring a camera so we can take some pictures from our practices. The theater takes a lot of our time, and it's very important to us! So we thought you could have a sneak peak ^^

There are a few things bothering me these days, and the biggest crisis of them all is that I can't find my bank card!! I'm by the way not sure how you write that in English...? Anyway, it's a disaster! Considering my personality, I should be quite used to losing things everywhere and forgetting where I put my keys and money and phone but it's still annoying. And I'm not sure what's worse: losing my card or my mother losing her temper. Ooh, why do I have to so absent-minded all the time? :(

The funny game my stuff and I play everyday.
Something else that I hooked my mind into, is my possible exchange year to Tokyo. Damn, I know it's a year ahead in the future, but there's so much that needs to be fixed and figured out! I want it to be accepted as one of my school years, so I don't have to take the same year again when I return. But that's not easy, I tell you. Either way, I'll be stuck with A LOT of homework and exams. And what about the language itself? I need to learn more Japanese! The writing too!
Our theater have a premiere in three months, and we're not ready at all! And there is more to come, as the organization I'm a volunteer in; Operation Days Work (I'll tell you more about it later) is starting up again for 2013...
My mother has all right to be worried. And... my theater practice is starting in ten minutes! Why am I still here??

Hopefully you just got a slight impression of my life. Kind of busy, but in the end it's all worth it. I hope.

Talk to you guys later! :D now I gotta run...

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