Thursday, January 31, 2013

Recovered from the cold! :D

Wiiii~ Hello there cutie pies!

So I have been absent from the blog for a while due to a stupid cold. When I get sick, I never manage to finish anything, so blogging is not ideal to do then. Now I'm finally recovered and full of energy, well almost, I'm still a little hoarse in the morning and stuff, but it's overcoming. And Siljes post yesterday really cheered me up. :D so sweet <3

Today I finally got my pass photo taken, and it did not look good... I had to take of my glasses and tilt my chin upwards, which increased the size of my side jaws... I might, just might show it to you later. In the meantime I'll show you guys some photos from my day. ^.^

Today we made some food and worked on a product my class is making. It's got to do with...carrots. ^^
You may not see it, but that's carrots~ 

Some oranges that we made juice out of :)

I can't live without tea in the winter, or any other season for that matter.
Both me and Silje are big tea-holics.

We also made some pizza to eat today, yummy~
 That's a quick view on what we did in school today. It's been so long since we made pizza in school, instead we focus more on things we can use for our exam. So not looking forward to that.... ><

I went shopping for groceries the other day, and this is some of the things I got ^^
Do let me know if you guys want me to make a food post or something. :D
Here is some pictures of me from today.. :p
Chubby Bunny~ 

It was snowing heavy today! I was a total ball of snow....

...So I bought myself a little candy to cheer me up. ^.^
Well, that's about it for this post ^^
Do give us some ideas to what we can blog about if you have something you want to read.
Bye Bye~


  1. You really should post all the awesome pictures I took! Cause they are awesome ! :D

    Nice blog ^^,

    -Helle Awesome

  2. Hehe, I might do that later Awesome Helle :D if everyone want to be on the blog ^.^


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