Thursday, January 10, 2013

Living healthy the cozy way

Hi fellow candy-lovers!

Today I thought I was going to share with you my battle plan on healthy living this year! ^^
First of all, let it be said, I'm not the healthiest girl around. I'm a little to weak for chocolate, caffe latte and ice cream, and I'm very fund of having things cozy and comfortable. But I'm not the most unhealthy either, so this year I made it one of my new year resolutions to find a healthy way of living that I would really enjoy too! (People say that "without pain, there's no gain", but I'll find the most unpainful way)

That is why I made this list to follow:

1. Swap the cocoa or caffe latte with tea!
Tea is healthier and haw a lower amount of sugar and fat. Some people say that they don't like tea, but I'm sure that's a lie. There are endless sorts of tea out there! If you're having troubles finding one you like, I recommend going to a shop for nature medicine or another store where they are specialized in tea. I also recommend the brand YogiTea, as they have a lot of great tasting tea made for different types of problems: tea to help the digestion, tea to help against stress and so on.

2. Find a way of exercising that works for you!
Let's face it: you don't usually do your best if you hate what you're doing. Especially when it comes to exercise. In my case, I found yoga to be what works best for me. I don't really like team sports, as I feel like I'm letting my teammates down if I fail. Remember that this is highly individual, and only you know what works best for you! Once you find something you enjoy to do, exercising is going to be so much funnier ^^

3. Plan your meals to be healthy -and tasty!
I love food. I taste almost everything, and I'm always open to new ingredients. However, when something tastes bad, it tastes bad. And I don't believe in learning to like something either. Try to be a little creative with your meals. Fitness magazines are stocked with recipes, but you don't have to follow them strictly. Use recipes to get inspiration instead! You mostly know what's healthy or not anyway, so try to add the healthy stuff in the food you like. For example, use whole grain pasta instead of normal pasta. And you can also do some research to find totally new food to try out. Be creative, and plan and vary your meals.
Personally I love Asian food, especially Thai, and luckily that happens to be quite healthy too. Wok is my favorite dish, and it has so many vegetables in it. I'm sure there is a lot of healthy food out there you'll love too!

4. Treat yourself with spa instead of candy!
This line speaks for itself. I don't want you to ruin yourself on expensive spa treatment, but very little is needed to get a great home spa. A facial mask to use at home is much better for your skin than the caffe latte, and it's usually cheaper too. If you light a candle and add some aromatic oil to your bath, you'll have a luxury spa in no time. A simple foot bath does miracles to tired feet. So don't grab the chocolate bar when you come home after a stressful day, grab the massage oil!

This was some simple steps to a healthier life, which I'm going to follow myself. ^.^
I hope you find some of this helpful! If you're looking for a balanced and relaxed lifestyle, I also recommend meditation. I wrote a post about that some time ago, feel free to look it up :)

These are just supplements, I'm never giving up my precious Friday chocolate!
Bye bye :D

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