Wednesday, January 9, 2013


Hello sweet people! \^.^/

Gulli already showed you her fashion inspiration, so I thought I had to show you some of mine. Although I don't have a very specific style code, nor do I show off this style a lot in Norway. Why? Because it's cold.. :(
In winter I tend to use a lot of knitted sweaters, jeans/tights and big scarfs. And of course I can't live outside without my black winter parkas and my wedge heels. (Which I walk surprisingly steady in on icy roads)

What is kawaii?

Kawaii is Japanese for cute or adorable. This term is used to describe artwork, entertainment, clothing, food, toys, behavior and appearance. It's the most important phrase in the modern Japanese pop-culture. You could think of it just like the English word "cute", but the Japanese "kawaii" is so much more.
Just try to google cute and kawaii, and see the difference in results!

English cute: 

Japanese kawaii:

Of course most Japanese would say that the puppy is "kawaii" too, but it's not all about the word's actual meaning, but what it means in the popular culture. ^^

What is kawaii style?

The kawaii fashion style is (of course) about cuteness. You mix and match different patterns, motives and textures and add some funny accessories. It's also important to wear something that suits you, and shows off your individual personality. In that way the kawaii style is very free and has plenty of sub-genres, and you can get away with almost everything as long as it looks good on you, and has that innocent, happy touch. ^^
When it comes to hair and make-up, it's just the same. Many kawaii girls like to use bright colors in their make-up too, and many dye their hair. Whatever looks cute on you goes! 

Here's some example pictures to give you an idea of the styling:

As you might see, kinda hard to pull through in Norway, especially in winter time. But I'll try to it more properly when it gets warmer, and of course when we're going to Tokyo and I can (finally) buy the items I've been looking for! :D

What do you think? 

Talk to you later! ^^

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  1. I also love kawaii style! Power to the cute!(⌒▽⌒)


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