Thursday, September 5, 2013

Our life in Tokyo (part 1)

Hello there cuddly puffs!

Right now I'm sitting in school, and I thought I'd take some time and blog a little. I have plans to do a haul and show you guys all the stuff I got in Japan, I just need to get it organized.. I have a lot of beauty products and clothes to show. ^^
Sadly fall is approaching fast here, so most of the clothes I got don't fit the weather too good.

I still have a lot of pictures you guys haven't seen, and there is so much more to be told about the trip, so I think I'll do that now.

In the other post I wrote about the first day when we arrived, if you haven't read it, read it here.

A picture I took when we boarded our plane from Heathrow

Inside the plane~ What really annoyed me during the flight was the fact that they had to pause the entertainment every single time they had to say something... And if you were wearing headphones you could risk going deaf. 

The first days were super humid and warm since we hadn't gotten used to the heat yet. Fans were super holy and I think I have like seven or eight fans with me home. Every morning we had to wake up at 6 or earlier to get ready, and then there was breakfast at 6:50. We would leave the house, everyone, in their car at ten past seven. They drove us all to the train station where we took the local train to our school. The whole family would leave the house at the same time, and we managed to be kinda late often which caused all the other to be late... We felt really bad about that, and tried our best to hurry it up in the morning.

I can't find any of the pictures from breakfast I took... So the dinner will have to do^^

We would arrive at school an hour or more before we start, so almost every morning we'd grab a ice coffee or something, and sometime stop by the konbini store to get something to eat, drink or read. Slowly all the other host family students would arrive, followed by the campus students joining us. We had two or three hours of school every day, followed by an activity with the teachers where we'd go see the town.

My first purchase at the konbini~ 
When we finished our activity or trip with the teachers and leaders, we could go to places on our own, as long as we were two or more. I have spent many afternoons and early nights in Shibuya and Harajuku. They have so much awesome stuff, and I felt like my fashion inspiration burst into high mode. So many ideas! So many fashionable people! I think I might make an own post about the shopping experience later.~

From our trip to Asakusa^^  soo pretty~

My favorite place, Shibuya, especially 109 <3 <3
I will try and write more about it later, because I think I need to do some school work now..
Bye Bye~