Monday, January 14, 2013

Lovely Side Bun hairstyle ^o^

Good afternoon lovely people!

My computer's back up so I thought I'd show you more of the hairstyle from yesterday! :D

It's kind of like a big side bun, where I added a little braid on the side. I was basically messing around with the hair, trying to figure out how I'd put it, and then it just ended up this way. ^^ Sadly I ran out of bobby pins... So it fell apart quite quick.

This is what the front looks like. Really like the tiny braid since it makes it less empty in the front. (hope that made sense) :p Like I said, it fell apart and ended up like this....

...Actually not that bad. :D Just wish the loose hair would stick in place...

And here is how my hair usually looks when I don't have time or the energy to style or do anything with it.. :p Luckily I have flowy hair so it looks kinda voluminous anyway.

We really want t know what you guys want to read, so please leave a comment and tell us what we should blog about. :D We need ideas :p

Bye Bye~

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