Thursday, February 28, 2013

Fashion trend; 3D nail art ^.^

Hello everyone!

So yesterday Silje wrote a post about nail polish and she asked if I could write about the phenomena called 3D nails! This must be one of the most awesome nail decoration I know of.

What is 3D nails?

3D nails are a three dimensional nail art design, mostly created on acrylic, or fake nails, which is then applied over the persons real nails. The design is created by shaping colored acrylic and building the design that is wanted. The most common creation is flowers, where the petals and leaves stick up from the surface creating a dramatic look. The style is worn by many because they find it different and attractive, but it is also often used in mainly weddings and special occasions  They are not very functionary in every line of work, and not many can handle having this type of nails everyday. Pieces can be applied on the natural nail, but then it has to be at least on layer of nail polish first, and people find it easier to work with the designs on fake nails because it gives a lot more space and they can last longer that way, it will harm the natural nail less as well.

Here are some examples of total kawaii nail art:




Piiink~ <3

Love the colors ^.^
I guess you kind of got an idea of what it is now, but if you still want to see more just type "3D nail art kawaii". ^.^

This is one of the thing I'm really looking forward to get when I go to Japan, because they have awesome nail salons where they do the most amazing looks. Super super excited!! :D
Well, hope you enjoyed my post.

Bye bye~

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Nail polish for everyone

Hi cute ones! ^^

Okay, let's be honest here. There will be some days Gulli and I unfortunately don't have time to blog :(
So instead of saying sorry all the time, we'll just have to admit that sometimes we run short on time and energy, and we have to pass blogging.
Don't worry though, we'll do our best to update Sakura Kiss everyday, but we just want you to know we have to skip a day sometimes!
If we happen to skip TWO days, however, it has either been a terrible accident, or someone may died. (Terrible accident includes loss of internet connection.)
We hope for your understanding! ^.^

Today's theme is nail polish!
I know a lot of girls that hardly ever use nail polish. Some may find it too difficult, some thinks it's too girly, and others simply thinks it's too much work.
Well, time to change your thinking, ladies! Nail polish is a great way to express your style, and it's not like nail polish is reserved for a particular type of girls. There are endless color combinations, and once you learn some techniques you can get even more creative. Nail polish can fit any style, you just have to think outside the box. Take a good look at the colors next time you shop, and buy from a good brand. It's easy to get discouraged when the polish gets sticky or won't dry.

Tips for a good result:

  • Use a basecoat. It will make the surface more even, and make the color last longer and prevent chipping. My ideal basecoat is thin and fluid, applies easily on the nail, and it dries quickly.
  • Apply two layers of color. Yes, it takes some more time, but it's worth it! The color will come more to it's right, and it won't look faded or transparent. 
  • Take your time. Especially if you're not used to apply nail polish. Don't apply when you're in a hurry unless you're a pro. Remember, it takes some time to dry completely.
  • Use steady, broad brushes. Try to cover as much of the nail as possible in one brush. 
  • Use a newspaper or similar on the table when you apply. Nail polish should be in the bottle or on your nails only. 
Wearing nail polish often helps to grow out your nails, and avoid them from breaking as easily. If you want to use nail polish frequently, you should make a routine that's easy to follow. For example, you can always apply the polish on Sundays and so on :)
I also recommend finding an easy way to remove the polish again. Cotton pads that falls apart and nail polish remover that smells like acetone isn't very pleasant. Especially if you ever spilled a bottle of it.
In fact, steer clear of spilling bottles in any way while doing your nails! You don't want acid or polish anywhere else than where they belong (in their bottles or on your nails).
I have a slight crush on the Express Remover from Maybelline. It has a sponge full of nail polish remover inside it, and you simply dip your finger and twist it. And the polish is gone! The first time I tried it, it felt like magic.

This little thing is going to save you a lot of time and frustration.
Tried a new color called "Pearly White" from Essie today, it has a cool transparent, shiny effect. Looks a bit like silver sometimes ^^

Essie is by the way an amazing brand. If you haven't tried it yet, you should. It's worth the money.

A pastel green/turquoise polish from Viva la Diva I wore earlier. It has chipped a bit when I took the picture :/
 Adding some pictures of different nail designs so you can get some inspiration:

An example of 3D-nail design, that's a bit more advanced. 

Just take some time to practice and see what type of nail design that fits your style. Once you've mastered it, it's so much fun, and you might start to imagine your own nail designs in your head. I did :D

What do you prefer?

Have a nice week! It's soon weekend again ^.^


Monday, February 25, 2013

Tiny, Tiny Shopping Haul~

Hi there ^^

So today school started again and I am already missing winter break, but it is also quite good to meet people again and actually do something during the days. Luckily there is less than half a year left until summer vacation! And I'm really looking forward to this one. Going to Japan, Desucon (a convention), my first summer being 18 and basically being with my awesome friends. ^^

On Friday Me and Silje met up in town to do some shopping and off course our regular coffee date. I will show you the things I bought, which is actually stuff I needed now.

I got a hair mask, nail polish in a beautiful minty green color, a top coat to prevent chipping of the color and two facial masks. 
This hair mask is great! I have just recently discovered Aussie, but I already love this mask. It makes my hair so soft and shiny, and it smells really good. I'm always on the look for the perfect products for me, and this one is gonna stay for a while. The nail polish is from Essie which is really good brand. They have so many cute colors. The top coat is from the same brand, but I have not used it much yet so I don't know what it's like. Lastly the masks; these sheet masks are so awesome, and make my face feel good. They have become a part of my recovery routine for hangovers as well. Because I always tend to feel really dull or dehydrated, so facial masks are great to re-hydrate. 

Wearing one of the sheet masks <3
I really liked this photo^^ 

Pretty flowers on my desk
I feel like my resolution about going to bed earlier is not working out too good.. -.-
Anyway Bye Bye~

Sunday, February 24, 2013

My hobbies! Are weird.

Hi everyone! ^.^

Oops, I did it again... Now you probably thought I was gonna say: "SORRY I FORGOT TO BLOG YESTERDAY!! :((", but nope.
That is true of course, but the particular thing I messed up with this time was school work. School work that I was supposed to deliver digitally during the winter break.
Have I delivered it? No.
Have I written it? No.
Have I started to write it? Haha, nope.
When should I start to write it? NOW.
What am I doing? Blogging.

Luckily it's a rather simple text about "my hobby". I have a bunch of weird hobbies, but when it comes to writing it down, my brain goes blank. I don't have any hobby it's easy to write about.
Hobbies I could (not) write about:

  • Watching Korean music videos. Yeah, I do that a lot. But isn't it a little hard to explain why? Something tells me that my teacher doesn't share my passion for Asian boys dancing and rapping so fast that not even Koreans can understand, all while wearing such creative fashion that Joan Rivers eyes would probably pop out. Well, it her loss. 
  • Watching anime. I do that a lot too! Still, as a hobby it's not so much to tell about, unless my teacher want me to go in detail in the different series. (Which I doubt she will). Well, it's still her loss.
  • Acting and working in a theater. Yes, that may have some more substance, but still I don't exactly what to write. And I must admit, knowing my teacher, that she would expect me to throw in a lot about theater history. Yaay. No.
  • Walking my dog. No wait, that's not a hobby.
  • Sitting for many hours in a row, always at the same cafe with Gulli. But what am I supposed to write about? Our conversations? I doubt my teacher would be interested in that. (Hint: the two upper points on this list.)
  • Blogging.... That could work! I'll just write why I blog, how often, what I've learned from it etc. 
Then, sweet people, I'll just go and write a little text about blogging, and to be more effective I'll just add this post as a part of the text! :D (Do you think I have to translate it? Noo, she'll understand.)
Before I go I must make sure that you all watch this hilarious video, which always make me laugh so hard I can't breath. Once you watched it you'll probably understand why people say I have a bad sense of humor.

Admit it, you smiled at least once.

Now I gotta hurry and write that text before it's Monday ^^

See ya ~

Friday, February 22, 2013

The ideal vacation!

Hello, my rays of sunshine! ^^ (wow, that's creative)

Last night when I couldn't sleep, I found myself to be in the poetic corner. So I wrote a description of myself in my dairy, going like this: "Silje, you are much like a flower. Whenever the sun shines and everything is well, you blossom along with all your colors and all your glow. But as soon as a little shadow comes in front of you, you pull back all your flower petals and become a regular, boring plant. You need to learn to be more sensitive for sunlight, so that you can shine during dark times too! ^^"
When I read it again this morning I didn't understand why I made it so complicated. "Silje, honey, you have serious mood swings. Do something about it." That's how I should have written it.

Anyway, I'm happy now! It's Friday and I can finally stuff in on chocolate and candy like the sinful girl I am.
The weather at home now is seriously crappy; I feel so sorry for all the tourists that have taken their time to visit now. I hope you make it home alive, and that you don't break any bones on the icy roads.
I would also like to apologize on behalf of the Norwegian weather gods. They suck.

As you might understand, I need a vacation. Kind of ironic since I have a vacation right now, but it's not the type of vacation I need.

Key elements for a successful, tropic vacation: 

  • Temperatures above 20 degrees Celsius.
  • A good place to buy yummy, cheap ice cream.
  • A little shop that fulfills all your cravings for sun lotion, soda in foreign tastes, weird candy, aloe vera-gel, and plastic flowers to put in your hair.
  • A beach bar or pool bar that makes excellent fruit shakes.
  • Cheap massage and manicure/pedicure.
  • A little market to fulfill the rest of your needs after you've been to the little shop.
  • At least one good restaurant that have something you like.
  • At least one, fancy place where you can dress up with all the summer fashion outfits you brought, but can't use on the beach.
  • Good summer music.
  • Some hot guys.
Key elements for a not-so-successful tropic vacation:

  • Sunburn. Serious sunburn.
  • All kinds of diseases like infections, wounds and diarrhea.
  • Insects. Insects everywhere.
  • Evil monkeys.
  • Evil animals in general.
  • Scary people that speaks way to fast or way to slow.
  • Jellyfish. Especially those who hunt many together.
  • Others from your home country that acts like morons.
  • Men who wants to marry you after knowing you for three seconds.
  • Men who doesn't take no for a no.
  • Bikinis and swimsuits that doesn't fit you.
 Well, it's going to be a long time before I can experience any of the above again. Not that there's anything wrong with going to Tokyo for the summer, but that's a different type of vacation. In fact, I think I might make a good/bad-list for city vacations too.
As it is now, any place would do good! >.<

How I feel these days (if you haven't watched this video yet: DO IT) :

You gotta love that woman.

Talk to you guys soon, and hopefully the weather is better where you are! :D

Bye bye ~

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Gloomy weather

Hello everyone~

Right now I'm writing on my phone because we just got home and I'm going to bed soon. The weather here in norway is getting really grey and gloomy these days, and I don't like it at all... It's slippery and cold, but at the same time too warm to wear my winter coat.

I will add a picture of how it looks outside, and also one of me wearing a tiger mask we found at the mall. ^^

Bye Bye~

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Inspiring short travel movie: Sayonara Nippon

Hi dear ones! ^^

Late night-post from me. I should be going to bed, I'm really burned out. I had one of my "thinking days" today, it's when all types of philosophic and depressing thoughts hit my mind at a random moment and I end up thinking about it the whole day. It can be really exhausting to think too much, and my brain just doesn't have an off-button. >.<

Thought I'd share this lovely video from Vimeo. It's called "Sayonara Nippon" (Farewell Japan), and is basically a short movie a guy made after travelling there. This guy obviously is a genius when it comes to movie-making, and he managed to capture all those tiny moments that makes life beautiful :3
Since I'm going to Japan, it's especially fun for me to watch!

Sayonara Nippon

It's uploaded to YouTube as well, but I couldn't find a link to upload it directly on the blog :/
I'm sure you all manage to click on the link, though :D

Let me know what you think of it, or even better, let the creator Kyle Kien know by leaving a comment on YouTube! ^^
Sayonara Nippon on YouTube

We'll try to make a longer post tomorrow, and we'll continue on our "Project: Cool Header". (Everything needs a fancy name these days.)

Oyasumi <3

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Finally, we meet again~

Why hello there cuties~

I just noticed that we've passed 2000 page views on the blog  *applause* So let's hope for more and more views in the future.^^ We just got home from the town where we met Silje, whom I have not met for over two weeks. It was really good to see her again, and we got to catch up on things. Like she mentioned in her post earlier today, it's finally getting a little warmer (or it might just be the fact that I have spent two weeks in a super cold place...) and sunnier here. *happiness* ^.^

You have probably already noticed that we don't have a proper header or anything on the blog.. Yeah, we're working on getting a header made. Hopefully very soon. So you'll have to bear with what we got for a little while longer. We are also planning to make a video together, but it might take some time... It will be done!

Like I said we met Silje in the town and drank some coffee~ I have not been drinking any sort of caffe latte or mocha for the past two weeks, so that's also something I've missed. Since I've gotten a lot better at bringing my camera with me when I go out I managed to get some pictures from today. ^^

As usual, a picture of my beloved coffee <3


Therese~ ^.^ with a HUGE Kinder surprise egg

Trying to figure out what was inside... o0
 We sat for like an hour on a bench outside a food store... Since things close rather early here, there are not many choices for places to go.

And of course a picture of me ;) 
My nails are preparing for spring to come :D
I have noticed that pastels are going to be big this spring. They are everywhere in stores and magazines, and it's perfect for me because I love wearing cute pastel colors. So I am going to have to restock my nail polish collection with some super cute pastel colors. This was the only one I could find today...

We were all wearing black boots today 

I feel like I had wanted to show you this picture, my eyes look kinda awesome/scary :D

Pretty sky in Mosj√łen the day we left ~

Hope you liked this post, and please let me know if there's anything you want us to write about^^
Bye Bye~

Happy winter day! ^.^

Hi sweeties!

Today is such a lovely day! We're finally getting into that part of winter that I really like. We still have snow, but we have the sun too. The days are getting brighter, and I was so surprised last morning when I woke up with sunshine in my face. (What bright light is this?)
The temperatures have gone a little up, so now I can walk my dog without freezing inside my big, black parkas. And since I'm not freezing I can walk a little slower and take a look at what's around me too ^^
The only down in the ice on the roads... It's a miracle I haven't fallen yet.

This is me today. I'm wearing my beloved light pink knitted sweater ^^ It has been a close friend throughout the winter. So far this has been a rather laid back day, but I'm meeting Gulli and some others in town later and apparently we had a bunch of stuff to do. 

Now that we have entered the better winter time, I was delighted to see that the online fashion store Milanoo is having a little give-away. It is a super cute winter coat, and it's perfect for this time of year between winter and spring when I need a winter coat light.
They are still hosting the give-away on Facebook, the more people that joins, the more winners:
Cute winter coat give-away

It looks so soft and warm and cozy and cuddly :3

Something else that brightened my first days of winter vacation was the new NU'EST song "Hello". 
It was released 13th of February, and I've been listening to it non-stop ever since. 
There are many reasons to why I'm a huge fan of them, but one of the main reasons is that when I normally listen to a song, I love it in the beginning, but then I grow tired of it. When it comes to NU'EST songs, I love them the more I listen to them! I still listen to their debut song "Face" everyday, event though it was released a year ago! 

This is one of their saddest song so far, but it's so gentle and sweet, and it's the perfect soundtrack for a walk in snow and sunshine.

Can't get enough of it >.< 
Remember to watch in HD with English subtitles on, the lyrics are amazing!

A little update from me before I continue the day, hope you all are having a good time too ^^

See ya ~ 

Home Sweet Home

Good morning all you lovely people out there ^.^

After a three hour long bus ride, we finally got home yesterday. It was a really long ride, and I was so glad when we finally arrived. I am not a big fan of traveling with bus because I get bus sick very easily... But after a good nights sleep I am re-energized and ready for a new day! My friend Therese is sleeping over at my place for the winter break, and in a couple of hours we're going to the town where we'll meet Silje. ^^

It feels quite good to be back home after two weeks away, and finally I'll get to drink yummy coffee again. I am gonna bring my camera with me so I can take some pictures. I don't have any new to show you now so his will be a picture less kinda post. Well, now I'm gonna fiks my nail before we go so I'll talk to you when I get back home. ^.^

Bye Bye~

Sunday, February 17, 2013

How do you define fashion?

Hello dear readers! ^.^

Today I thought I'd make time for a bit longer post. This blog is growing steadily, and it's so much fun to be a part of it! Gulli and I have been talking about creating a Facebook page for the blog too, so you can follow us there as well. This, as well as a new header, will hopefully get into place during our winter vacation. (As mentioned earlier, I don't exactly have much to do.) 
I hope you'll support us in the future too :D

What I'm going to write about today is fashion. Not a particular style, tips and so on, but just fashion.
Have you ever asked yourself: what is fashion? 
Well, I have, and the answer turned out to be more complicated than I first thought. There is a lot to the term "fashion". Just imagine all those wealthy, high status women that buy out-of-this-world expensive designer items, and sit on first row at all the big fashion shows. They all claim to be true fashionistas, but are they really? What defines good fashion?

To me, it's not enough to buy some expensive clothing in a famous fashion store.
The fashion industry have become a billion-industry, and wherever there's a lot of money involved, there will always be people that are after just that. Just the money. 
It has become many meanings of the word "trend". You have the trends the public wear, and the trends you create yourself. In my eyes, a trend is something that occurs on the street, and not at the office of a big fashion brand. 
Don't misunderstand, there are a lot of amazing designers who really deserve their fame and money.
But I don't think that the trends that are presented in some fashion magazines and fashion shows should be followed strictly. It's wrong to claim that everyone can walk around with the same and still look trendy.
It's not just about body shape and appearance either, but what type of personality you are.   
Some are punks at heart, others are cute princesses or fierce businesswomen. 
To think that all would look good in long skirts and batik pattern is naive. People should use fashion that match themselves, not fashion that matches the public's expectations. 
I think that fashion is a perfect weapon to provoke and inspire others, and renew our thoughts and opinions. We need to be different, dress different, act different. 
Fashion should be a way to express oneself, and I can't help but notice that the fashion industry are moving further away from this principle. 
"This fall you should dress in leather and wine red." " Use the 80's inspired swimsuits on the beach this summer!" I don't think that's how fashion should work.
It can inspire, but why should all "fashionable" people ditch all the pastel colored items in their closet and start wearing olive green and bronze, just because some "representatives" of fashion told them to?
Even though you thrive much more in bright pastels? 
Dear fashion-loving and confident girls all over the globe: you have received a task!
Renew the term "trend", and go out there and show the world that fashion is art; living and unique, and it can't be defined by some rich designer or a big fashion magazine!

Oh, quite a long text there. I'll add some pictures form the fashion area Harajuku in Tokyo. While you look at the pictures, please bear in mind that they're all different, yet fashionable, and this type of art wouldn't be possible is everyone had to wear the same design. 

All photos are from Tokyo Fashion, except the two upper photos that I got from Nakagawa Juria's fanpage on Facebook. (Juria is a rather cool fashionista, you should check her out.) ^^ 

Hope you liked this long post, let me know if you want me to post something similar in the future. Also, if you have any thoughts or opinions on this, don't hesitate to comment! ^.^

Talk to you later ~