Friday, March 29, 2013

My birthday and Easter decor~

Hello dolls~ 

On Wednesday I celebrated my birthday and it was a lot of fun! Got some more awesome presents as well. I didn't get to take many pictures (I'm very forgetful sometime...-.- sorry), so there isn't much from my party in this post.

I really regret not taking a picture of the decorations... spent lots of time putting it up >.< This is the only picture I have of the decoration. 
Had lots of balloons, but by the end of the night some of them had been popped.. ><
 My friends are really random and like to do crazy jokes and mess with us, and this time was no exception. Audun and Silje had this master plan to draw on us all when we had fallen asleep and also put glitter all over us. Luckily they didn't get to draw on anyone (I've been the victim of that one before, woke up with smiley faces under my toes... xD), but most of us walked around with glitter in our hair the next day. Managed to snap this picture of Auduns hair, looks really cool atually, and no filters or editing has been done. ^.^
Awesome sparkly hair~ ^w^
Today I've decorated my room for Easter, and it looked really cute. I've got yellow flowers, chickens, eggs and bunnies all over my room. ^o^ 
This is how my desk look at the moment. The pink Asian umbrella was one of my presents~ 
I really love all these holidays because I love decorating my room with this sorta stuff. I don't know why, but I always feel really happy when it's the holidays, and not only because we get free from school. ^^ 
Thought I'd also throw in a picture of my Easter outfit today~

Now if you'll excuse me I'm going to make me some tea. 
Bye Bye~

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Material girl for a day

Hi everyone! :D

Remember me? It's been some time since my last post. I'm home from Sweden, and I can finally enjoy the Easter holiday. I've been taking everything nice and slow, and relaxed. Well, except from Gulli's birthday party last night, but that's another story.
Just because I haven't been blogging, it doesn't mean that I forgot about you. I've been doing some technical updates, as you can see in our new header.
We also have a facebook page up and running now, go like it now!

Our goal is to fetch more readers this way, and have a closer contact with all of you :3 It's also easier to update you when we're too busy to blog! We think facebook is a great way to stay in touch with you, so don't hesitate to take contact there. All will be answered ^^

The day after I returned from Sweden, I got a lovely surprise! Almost everything I've ordered arrived that day. I feel a bit sorry for the mail man who had to see me in work out clothes with messy hair and facial mask, but hello, who looks good at 10 am in the first day of vacation?
I got my package from Milanoo fashion as well as the NU'EST album. (Happy fangirl right here!)

I even got NU'EST pins, haha. Time to really show off my fangirling.

DVD <3
It was the special edition, so I got a 200 page photobook too!  \^.^/ 

I figured out that it's pretty hard to take photos of photos. But you see the content.
I got more than this, but you'll get to see it over time.

Now I'll enjoy the rest of the evening, and I hope you'll do too ^^

See ya ~

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Stupid dust! ~

Good morning snowflakes~

At the moment I'm sneezing like crazy because I spent all of yesterday cleaning and dusting... stupid dust>< It is still winter here, and currently snowing big, crazy snowflakes outside. Not that keen on going out, but I will have to man up and get out. I need to get party decorations and food and stuff for my birthday celebration.~ I'm really looking forward to seeing my friends again. :D

Being all red and pink while cleaning. ~
Yesterday I also went to the hairdresser to get my hair colored and trimmed a little. It was not much of a change in my color, only thing was that it's not got the red color anymore... It's now brown. Kinda miss it already. >.<

Waiting for the color to set. LOVE my new hello kitty case~ ^.^ So cute 

You can't really see much of a different... -.-
This was a rather short post, but I'll try and write more when I get back home ^^
Bye Bye~

Saturday, March 23, 2013

18 years!! ^w^

Good morning!

I am 18!!! I'm an adult now, and it feels great! ^^ Like you might have noticed yesterday was my birthday, and I celebrated it by going to the liquor store and also later on the day I got to buy my very first drink! It was a small celebrating because we're gonna have a bigger celebration later when more of my friends are at home.

My day started with cake on the bed in the morning, along with a soda mix my mom made~ ^^ best type of breakfast.

Some sort of red Fanta decorated with lime ;3
At school we made club sandwich and carrot cake^^
Got to eat club sandwich at school~
 Did my first shopping at the liquor store and at the food store for alcohol^^ got a Kahlua and a mojito
Did my first shopping of alcohol ^.^ felt super grown up :D

My first drink~

yummy <3

I got some awesome presents! Some of my friends chipped in for some shoes I really wanted, and they totally surprised me. And from my friend in England I got a Totoro hoodie, which is sooo cute. ^^

my shoes! <3 If you follow me on instagram you might have already seen them~ 

Totoro hoodie~ <3

Today I'm gonna eat dinner with my mom at a hotel restaurant, so i guess I gotta jump in the shower soon.~
Will blog more later.
Bye Bye~

Friday, March 22, 2013

Sweden ~

Hi everyone! :D

Today it's Gulli's birthday, and right now she's out enjoying her first legal drink ^^
I am, on the other hand, stuck in Ă˜stersund in Sweden on a class trip. I've actually never been to Sweden before, and that's a bit embarrassing for a Norwegian. Well, it's okay, cause' I've always had a more exotic alternative. Like; "Silje, do you want to go to Sweden or Italy this summer?" Obviously I choose Italy, right?
Now that I am in Sweden, it really is no difference between Norway and here. Except everything is cheaper! I feel so sorry for all the poor Swedish people that go to Norway, and have to spend all their vacation money on a single bottle of cola :(
To all our Swedish readers: I understand your pain.

It's really fun here though! We're at some sort of activity camp, and we have a bunch of mazes and tasks to solve, and activities to do ^^
Today we tried laser shooting, and I really surprised myself with the shooting skills I didn't knew I had. I really got into the game, I bet some people wouldn't even recognize me! I got so enthusiastic, I think I even at some point shouted: "Die bitches!!" Sorry for that. But it was fun :3

I decided to add a random picture of a Swedish house in winter. We are in more urban areas now, but the weather is about the same. Just like Norway, really.

When we go home on Monday (8 hours with bus, yaay) it's finally easter vacation for me! ^.^
I really, really look forward to getting some time for myself to sleep and recharge. Yeah, I know I say that all the time, but I'm a girl who's completely addicted to quality time with myself.

This was a rather short post, and it's probably full of nonsense. I got pretty distracted when I wrote this, so I'm not even sure what this post is about. Hope you enjoyed it, though!

Talk to you later, have a nice holiday! :D

Thursday, March 21, 2013

I'M SO JELLY's 2nd year anniversary blog giveaway! ^.^

Hey there!

This has got to be one of the cutest giveaways! So many cute gyaru prizes. <3 I always love her style and she has got good taste! ^^
Go check out her giveaway here!!!

On other notes, my birthday is coming up tomorrow so I don't think I'll be able to blog about anything right now because I'm so excited about tomorrow!! I'll only be writing; I'll be 18! I'll be 18! ^.^ Hehe, don't wanna bore you with that... But tomorrow I'll really have to try and blog! :D

Bye Bye~

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Gyaru spring fashion ^.^

Good morning lovely people~ ^.^

Like Silje said I was supposed to keep the blog going while she was away, but my life is getting a little chaotic right now.. But I'll try and keep up. I'm also starting to run out of things to write about, so if you have any ideas please let me know. ^^

Even though we're in the spring month now it's still fully winter outside, and I'm just dreaming about the spring time. So I've thought about making a post on the gyaru spring fashion I like. I know Silje already made a post on the Tokyo Girls Collection that was held earlier in March, but I wanted to make one as well. I'll try to not use the same pictures as her^^

This collection is my favorite out of all the fashion shows around the world! They have so much cute and wearable items and like Silje said, they show things that are in now, and not what they think is gonna be in. Fashion points to notice for the spring are; Flower patterns, Wedges, Pastel Colors, Denims, Skinny Pants, Vertical Black and White Stripes, High-Waisted Shorts & Denims. These are some examples of what I'll at least try to add into my spring wardrobe.

Here are some of my favorites from the different brands.

Lis Liza
Lots of flowers~

I love the back on this dress <3
Lip Service

Roen for Dazzy


Bonica Dot

These are some of the outfits that I really liked, and also I chose those that Silje had not already uploaded. (all of the photos are borrowed from Tokyo Fashion)
^^ This really makes me wish for spring~

Bye Bye~

Monday, March 18, 2013

Here we go again!

Good evening everyone! ^.^
How are you doing?

I've been to a national gathering in Oslo for Operation Daywork(OD) this weekend. It was so much fun, I met new people and learned new things. And it was so good to meet old friends again! The thing you don't get a lot of during seminars is sleep. I'm pretty tired now, and as if that wasn't enough, an explosion of things to do happened when I came home! Once again school work and free time activities collided, and everything turned into one, big mess.

The plan was that Gulli would blog in the weekend while I was away, but unfortunlately some unexpected drama came up in her life.
She is turning 18 this Friday, and she's planning her party carefully. I'm sure you all watched a movie/series where the big birthday party turns into a hopeless drama, and well, we've seen some dangerous signs :/

Of course I'll continue to blog during this, I'll try to keep you updated on both our lives and other stuff! ^^
When there's a lot happening during a short period of time, you just have to find good ways to relax, and stick to them. For me, eating chocolate, meditating, listening to music and talking to good friends are a must. I'll also try to do more yoga when I have the time, as it really helps me to focus my mind and body. It gets me in better shape for spring too, win-win! I even went crazy at a book shop the other day, and bought three thick English novels. Anything for a little break from your own concerns, I guess :)

You might wonder why there's a picture of a laid back frog in this post? Well, that's how I feel now, at the end of the day. Luckily, my happy-go-lucky personality still shines through. At least it will do after a good sleep!

Good night and sweet dreams <3

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Friday, March 15, 2013

Gyaru Hair ^w^

Hey guys!

I have talked about gyaru fashion before, and today I thought I'd share with you some examples of gyaru hair styles. You can read my past post about gyaru style here.

The main point in gyaru hair styles is having really big, voluminous and glamorous hair. Mostly curls and up does, but there are also straight hairstyles. Each strand of hair is carefully arranged the way they want. Like the makeup, hair takes more time than others hair, but it is really worth it when you see what you can do with your hair. There can be found more toned down hairstyles like buns, half up does and ponytails.

The color can now days be anything from bleach blonde and grey to dark brown and black, and the length is mostly really long, but also short bob styles. This really differs from sub-style to sub-style. For example in Hime Gyaru the hair is really long, voluminous and curly. They have a really girly style, and that shows really good in the hair.

Accessories are also important to create a great gyaru look. Bows, flowers and other hair accessories are just examples on what can be used.

I hope you liked this little gyaru hair post. ^^ Now I am going to a friend of mine.
Bye Bye~