Friday, March 15, 2013

Gyaru Hair ^w^

Hey guys!

I have talked about gyaru fashion before, and today I thought I'd share with you some examples of gyaru hair styles. You can read my past post about gyaru style here.

The main point in gyaru hair styles is having really big, voluminous and glamorous hair. Mostly curls and up does, but there are also straight hairstyles. Each strand of hair is carefully arranged the way they want. Like the makeup, hair takes more time than others hair, but it is really worth it when you see what you can do with your hair. There can be found more toned down hairstyles like buns, half up does and ponytails.

The color can now days be anything from bleach blonde and grey to dark brown and black, and the length is mostly really long, but also short bob styles. This really differs from sub-style to sub-style. For example in Hime Gyaru the hair is really long, voluminous and curly. They have a really girly style, and that shows really good in the hair.

Accessories are also important to create a great gyaru look. Bows, flowers and other hair accessories are just examples on what can be used.

I hope you liked this little gyaru hair post. ^^ Now I am going to a friend of mine.
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