Monday, January 7, 2013

My fashion inspiration; Gyaru! ^.^

Hey there!

I thought I'd show you one of my fashion inspirations today. I am very interested in the Japanese fashion trend gyaru. Gyaru is a street fashion that originated from the 70s. The style is girly and glamorous, and breaking with the traditional portrait of Japanese woman. It was a way for Japanese teens to rebel against what the society wanted them to be like, it was their way off showing their personality. I really love this fashion and the idea of it, also the make-up and hair trend that follows. It's so awesome and unique, at least here in Norway.

The make-up focuses on the eyes and enlarging them, and the hair is big and voluminous. I love everything about the style, and I find a lot of inspiration and ideas to my clothes here. 

There are also many, many, many subcategories to gyaru style. gyaru-kei; the original/basic style kinda, hime-gyaru; princess kinda style with lots of ribbons and cute princess points, ganguro; a very tanned verson with bleached hair, kogyaru; a girl who is in high school and follows the gyaru trend (the trend goes against most of the rules in schools on how they are supposed to look). These are just some of the many subcategories, to find out more about it just google: Gyaru style. 



The ganguro style is a little too extreme for my taste....

It is such a cute style and I so want to be able to do it properly once. This is one of my main goals by going to Tokyo this summer. I'll be able to shop at the ultimate gyaru mall, Shibuya 109! ^:^ Can't want!! :D

What do you think of this style?

Bye bye~ ^.^


  1. Now i want pancakes...

  2. loove your blog!!! I also have a thing for the gusty style

    1. Thank u! :D It's great seeing others who like it too! ~


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