Monday, April 29, 2013

Home again~ ^.^

Yo everyone! 

How are you today? I just got home from Oslo and am about to go to bed, but I'll blog some first. Silje is busy preparing for a math test and is not able to blog. Wish her luck tomorrow ~ 
I am exhausted after our trip and I got so many awesome stuff! I'l show you guys next time since I don't have any photos of it here now... Got lots of Asian food and stuff, and of course clothes. ^^ 
We had lots of fun, and my feet  are aching after all the walking around Oslo. 

Me and Anja posing in our russe clothes~

Tomorrow I'm gonna wear my Russe-clothes and we're gonna get our names written at the brim of our hats. And then we can start our Russetid! :D

Now I gotta go to bed so we'll talk soon. 
Bye Bye~

Living life in Oslo + Norwegian Champions in Gastronomy!~

I think I might have forgotten to tell you guys, but right now I'm in Oslo with my class. I did tell you that we won the Gastronomy price!! Think that, we won! Were Norwegian Champions! :D
Didn't have any time to blog when we were at the competition, and after that we went to Oslo to stay for a couple of days, and since we've mostly been walking around all day here I've been too tired to even open my computer... Tomorrow is our last day so I finally found some time to write.

Me and some of my friends brought our Russe clothes here and walked around in them. So many cute, small children came asking for cards and we're almost out of all the cards we brought here. It's awesome being Russ! We took the opportunity to snap some awesome pictures in our clothes, and I'll show them to you later. ^^

Now I gotta sleep because we're going up early tomorrow for more shopping.~
Good night~ ^^

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Inspirational weekend! \^.^/

Hi pretty ones!

Sorry for not blogging yesterday, I was completely burned out. We had Norwegian writing the whole day at school, and as always I was sitting alone in the end. Not that I'm such a slow writer, I just really want to do good at these tests. In fact, I want to do good at all tests, but you can't be an expert in everything. So I just give it all on those subjects I'm good at ^^
When I checked my mail yesterday, another challenge hit me. I've received the Japanese language test I have to take when we get to Japan. They sent it for giving us a chance to practice, and I'm glad they did!
Note to self: need to learn more hiragana. I really do.
It was a bit of a shock, cause' I've pictured for myself that I didn't had to know that much. In fact I thought I'd do decently with what I know now! But no... More Japanese is needed.

At the same time Gulli is down in the capital and having a blast. Well, she deserves it though. She's had a lot on her mind lately, so I'm happy she has a chance to let to of things ^^

So, what have I been up to lately? To be honest, nothing outside of the normal. Even so I feel like I've been doing so much! I guess it's because I'm thinking a lot. Thinking about my life, the future, things I want to do, things I wish for and so on. I analyze every situation to the unrecognizable, and I always predict what's going to happen  before I have a clue.
It can actually be very positive, as it gives me high hopes for the future and motivates me. I try to learn and take inspiration from my daily life, instead of just walking through it. It puts color in my life ^^
The bad sides is of course that I can get a bit carried away by my ideas, and end up disappointing myself.
Ah well... When you think this way it gives life more content.
A week ago may feel like an eternity for me.

This sort of gives a good image of my mind... 
Anyway, I have two tips for you today!

To all kawaii/Japan/fashion loving readers: Try to catch the newest episode of Kawaii International: Harajuku special. I've already watched it, and it gives a great insight on the sub culture in Harajuku. It's the most fashionable and inspiring area in whole Tokyo! (I saw so many shops I want to visit this summer.)
You have to watch the live streaming online through the official channel: 
This is the schedule for future streaming. Tomorrow is the last day they air it, so be sure to check it out! You should check out their shows anyway, they have many interesting shows on Japanese culture. 
You can also take a look at Kawaii International's channel page: 
Or you can find them on Facebook. A great source for inspiration! 

To everybody else: Read the book "North Korea: Nine years to escape from hell". It's completely mind blowing! It's so horrible yet inspiring to read. It is written by Eunsun Kim, a girl who grew up in North Korea but escaped with her mother and sister. The worst part is that everything is true! This book gives an incredible insight in the daily life in one of the most oppressed countries in the world. 
I don't care if you don't like books, have a fear of reading or whatever, just read it! 

And that's it for me today. Have a nice weekend, everyone! ^w^

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Theater punks ;>

Hi loved ones!

Feels like it's been ages since last time I blogged. On the bright side, I'm very motivated!
I've been re-sizing and editing more pictures for the little "photoshoot" we had last weekend. The sun has finally made its arrival in the cold north (yay, sun!), so we had the perfect nautral lightning. Our theater locale also turns out to be a great photo set. It's over 100 years old, so it has such a nice, authentic feel to it.
Did you know that our theater is hunted too? It's true! We have both heard and experienced so many weird, unexplained things. I'll tell you more about that later .

Here's the pictures:

These pictures got rather unclear, sorry ~

Dancing skeleton print ^^

For this look I tried to keep the make up a little doll-like, to make a contrast. On the lower picture I'm wearing my costume (supposed to be 1920's). Maybe we should post pictures of them too?

I'm so glad the theater locale worked this good. I'm already having ideas for a bunch of other themed photo sets! That's how it works here you see; I'm getting all the crazy ideas, and Gulli ends up fixing everything... Sorry dear! :( 

Goodbye from us! ~

PS. I would like to give a big, whole-hearted thanks to our great "personal photographer" Simon! Audun helped out too ^^

Monday, April 22, 2013

A look into our theater life; fooling around with my camera~

Hello Hello Hello~

Hope you all are having a lovely Monday morning. The sun has disappeared behind the clouds for most of the day, and I already miss my bed... Luckily it's warm outside so I could ditch my big jacket today.

Like I said earlier Silje slept over at my place on Saturday, and it was a lot of fun. We didn't get to make any videos because we spent most of the time drooling over handsome k-pop boys and watching Sailor Moon. We didn't get to do much in the morning either, because of theater practice. Instead we managed to snap some photos before we started, and some of them became quite good.


I'm starting to feel the stress come over me since it's not that much time left until premiere, as well as our exams.. >o<
I also need to get my cosplay for Desucon this year, and prepare for our trip to Japan. I think I'm gonna cosplay Miku from the song magnet, and maybe someone from Panty and Stocking? Really need to get my ass moving and order soon!

Got my last package with Russe stuff as well a couple of days ago, and now I'm so looking forward May! Got a hoodie which you can see on the top picture, and a light blue fluffy fleece jacket. I love them! They are so warm and comfy, perfect for May.

I have Norway on my bum~ ^^

This is the only picture I have right now of the fleece. I can't express how much I like it. Sooooo fluffy~ ^w^
Oh and do you know what I did today??

I took my first bath outside in the sea! :D
Freezing cold ><
Now I'm off to sleep
Bye Bye~

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Sleep Over~

Good evening ^.^

Today Silje is sleeping over here~ Wiiiii, girls night. ^.^
We've been listening to K-pop and watching anime until now, but we just remembered that we have theater practice tomorrow morning at 11am... So we need to sleep.
We'll try to make a video or at least take some photos tomorrow. I don't have much to write about right now, so I'll show you some super cute videos that we watched earlier today.~ Hope you like, I know we did. \(^o^)/

Adorable Pikachu video #1 - This one is soooo cute >3< I think the song is the ending of clannad or something. (correct me if I'm wrong..)

Now I better turn of the computer so Silje can get some sleep.. :p
Good night you lovely people~

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Kick start spring :D

Good evening all sweet and tough ones out there! ^^

I know it's been a lack of blogging lately, sorry for that. We have both been quite busy as always, and I had to catch up on some schoolwork.
When I walked home from school today I realized how quickly time has passed. Suddenly it was birds and sprouts on the threes, even though it was cold and silent just two weeks ago. Spring may arrive late, but it arrives fast! I also realized that when April has passed we will be four months into this year. (Yeah yeah, I know that's pretty obvious.) Add another two months and half of 2013 will be gone! Doesn't it sound weird?
I mean, I'm still waiting for the year to get fully started!

Anyway, our theater practice starts 11 am tomorrow, and since I'm home alone I have to walk (around half an hour), make breakfast (around 45 mins; I need time to enjoy my tea), pack my stuff for the sleepover at Gulli's place tomorrow night (around half an hour, if I'm effective), and of course get ready and decide what outfit to wear in the unreliable spring weather (an hour ++).
Which all together means I have to get up too early. That's why I have to make a short and quick blog post!
(But as you may noticed I spent a lifetime writing WHY is had to be short, so my plan failed...)

I thought I'd share some of my music fav's with you. As nature is renewing itself, so is my iPod, and I've been trying out all types of music lately. (Which resulted in a broken headset, r.i.p)

2NE1 - I am The Best. Forever a classic. 

PSY - Gentleman. Just in case some of you actually haven't seen it yet.

G-Dragon - Michi Go. Just when I thought no music video could get more random than Crayon, he comes up with this...
WARNING: This video will make you go: WTF?? Guaranteed. 

Supercell - Feels so Good. I know it seems a bit sexual according to the title and illustration, but it's really just a cute, jazzy song about weekends. And it's in Japanese, for those who wondered. 

That's it for now! Come back later and see what happens when Gulli and I spend 24 hours together without a break... o.o

 Good night and sweet dreams ~

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Russ and Russefeiring~ What is it?

I LOVE my Rilakkuma plushie pencil case! <3
How has your day been? It's been sunny here again, and the sky was beautifully blue. My kind of weather^.^
Like I said earlier spring is coming, and I am super looking forward to putting on my spring clothes! Lately I've been watching my flower wedgies, just wishing for the weather to be right. Maybe I'll make a shoe post later? Would you like that?

Anyway, today I thought I'd tell you guys about something called the Russefeiring.

In our last year of high school we become something called Russ. It's a celebration of the happy fact that you have finished many years of school. It happens in the span of less than a month right before the exams. There are many traditions connected to the Russefeiring, involving clothes in different colors depending on your line of studying, cars, buses and vans that are decorated, drinking ALOT, party and do different tasks from funny to stupid. You also get an award for each task that you complete to put on the string of you russelue(hat). It starts at 1st of May and ends at the 17th, our national day.
I'm really looking forward to 1st of May! It's gonna be so much fun. My class is black Russ so I have a black overall I'll be wearing. I'll show you guys later. ^.^

Before May we have a week called StÄkuka (can be translated to 'noisy week') where we dress up as different stuff each day. We had 'old person' on Monday, 'change sex' today, 'spoiled child or emo' tomorrow, '80s day' on Thursday and 'dress up as something on you capital letter' on Friday. Now I need to look up some spoiled brat clothes for tomorrow, since we're gonna take school pictures I don't want to be all black around the eyes and stuff..

Here is how I looked today. wiii, I look like a french painter~ Mon amore <3
Talk to you guys later ^o^
Bye Bye~

Monday, April 15, 2013

Sunny days and spring on the way! ^.^

Good morning all you lovely people! <3

It's been a little while now, but this time it was not my fault since my friend ran away with my computers charger...-.- 
But I can see that Silje has kept the blog going, good job! \(^o^)/
A couple of days ago we went to Seahouse where we usually get together to drink coffee and chat up on things. And as we often do, we end up taking some pictures. ^^ For once we were able to take outfit photos too. So now you can enjoy watching us being totally models. We are also getting a little warmer weather here now! Finally, it has been sunny a few days and now it's raining, but I'm not complaining because the snow will finally disappear! ^w^

My super cute bun with a bow~ I've also started liking bows again ^^

Kawaii flower bow~

I LOVE my shoes! <3


Okay, it's time for "Silje doing stuff she can't do!" *Insert fancy show intro music* In this episode she tries to climb a rock.

Ok, this will be easy~
Trying really hard...

...Aaaaaalmost there

"This is impossible"

You win this time rock..-.-

After we almost totally crashed my memory card with hundreds of pictures..-.- we went to a concert where our friends played. It was a concert dedicated to different rock musicians like Sting and Phil Collins. And it was awesome! I love the song Sledgehammer after this concert.

Hope you enjoyed this post~ And if you have any ideas at all to things we could write about, please let me know! ^w^ 
Bye Bye~

Oh, and by the way; my friend Anja "borrowed" my computer to say hello to you guys. ^^ 

Hello! My name is Anja! I'm Gulli's coolest classmate, and I'm the most awesome person here! Follow me on Instagram, @lilleme! :D

Saturday, April 13, 2013

A letter to all bitches and bullies

Hi everyone!
I'm in the mood for a bit serious post today, hope you find it inspiring or helpful in any way:

There are a lot of people I think I'll never be able to understand. There are so many ignorant, pre-judging, and straight forward mean human beings out there, that I don't know where to start.
Even though I've accepted it as a part of life, I still get mad when I think of all the fragile, young minds that get crushed by others. How can anyone be mean to kids that's just trying to find their place? They haven't done anything wrong, neither to you or anyone else.
I had a conversation with a younger girl the other day, and when she found out that I was a fan of anime, she got so happy! She said: "I thought no one else but me and my closest friends liked it! Everyone else thinks we're strange...we're a bit of loners."
Anime is still not very popular in Norway, so I'm also used to getting the "strange"-stamp.
But this girl seemed to be quite bothered about it. However you like anime or not, does not define your personality, intelligence, lifestyle, coolness or anything else. It's just a personal interest.
So why is it that a young, insecure girl has to choose between doing what she like or being accepted? I've met a bunch of anime lovers in my life, and they're all different.
I don't like Justin Bieber, but many of my friends do. That doesn't make them less worthy in my eyes!

Don't misunderstand me. It's okay to disagree, and I won't force anyone to like anime or anything else.
But don't bitch around about persons you don't know, and do certainly not bring others down because they got a different opinion than you.
Some people may handle that just fine, while others grow even more insecure and shy. Some people may look fine, but they're really not. You might be a bully without even knowing it.
Whoever gave you the right to put others in a mental jail like that?
It's terrible (believe me, I know the feeling) to feel like you have to hide who you are, or even don't know who you are yet, because the people around you never let you explore.
I know many people pre-judge and assume almost automatically, without thinking any more about it.
This is (sadly) what many parts of society tells us to do, consciously or not.

It touched my heart to see how that girl's face brightened up when I told her I love anime too.
Do people even take the time to try to understand?

It doesn't require much, you guys! Just smile, accept, and go through life with a open heart, and you will make the world a much better place.

Do you have any opinions on the topic? Let me know!

So long ~

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Japan Lover

Hi people of the world!

Do you know what days you get done the least? Those with a lot of free time! Wow, I had so much time on my hands today, which could have been used to work out, plan a longer, more intelligent blog post, or have a little photoshoot with all the stuff I received from Japan the other day, but no...
More about the Japan stuff will come later though. I ordered two pairs of shoes from Rainbowholic, a lifestyle blogger which I happen to be a great admirer of ^.^

Oh, it's my turn at the bathroom already... Think of something good to blog about, Silje, think now...
Well, let me just say that you have something to look forward too! The spring has finally arrived here (slowly), so now we'll be able to take more pictures outside :D
I'm having a lot of ideas like video blogging, an-almost-professional photoshoot and long posts, all we need to do is get to work! ^^

Today I felt a sudden urge for Japan (that tends to happen at least once a week), so I've been searching the internet jungle for kawaii this and kawaii that. (Hm, so that's where my afternoon went.)
I see at lot of girls commenting things as "one day I'll go to Japan, it's my biggest dream", and I feel really blessed since I know I'm going there this summer! It's outside the sakura season though, but I guess you can't have everything at once ^^

A new website for Japan lovers all over the world will be opened tomorrow (today for those in a timezone further east); Japan Lover! It seems so promising, and I found the most touching video the crew made for promoting Japan o.o

I guess this proves that I'm a Japan Lover, as it actually made me fell a tear... Can't wait to go!

Talk to you later, loved ones! ~

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The Star Trek girl and the cockroach!

Hi sweethearts!

Today's been a quite regular day. At school I was trying my best to focus on math, and afterwards I went home, cooked myself noodles and walked the dog in a hurry before I went to theater practice.
It's been rather intense there, lately. Someone realized it's just a month until premiere, and as every single year, everything goes all-out crazy the last weeks.
Gulli and I are trying hard to get our characters right. Her main problem is to act in love, and mine is that I'm not craving enough attention. (I don't know if anyone has said that to me before o.o)

Our theater instructor, as you might picture him, is a very talented and eccentric man, and as we're getting closer to premiere his opinions really comes forth.

"Gulli! What are you? An actress in Star Trek? Cause' that's how you act! You teleport from one spot to another. When the maid says you'll come in from the front door, you can't come in from the side door! You've got brain cells, right? Use them!!"

"Silje, you need MORE ENERGY! You're opening the whole play. If you're gonna crawl in on the stage like a cockroach, the audience will find a trip to the grocery store to be more interesting! I don't care if you run and fall or rip your clothes, just get their attention! They don't want to look at a grey mouse, they want drama!" 

So, that's basically what's filling our days at the time. I'm wearing my costume half of the day, so I don't really bother so much about clothing now. That's why I've been often seen wearing a hoodie lately, and that doesn't happen too often.
I try a little though, and I've rediscovered the greatness of accessories! They're easy to put on and off when I have to change styling.
These are my favorite at the moment:

Found these super cute ear pieces at Glitter yesterday ^^

Hair bow from Tiara by Tracy Dizon. I noticed that I should have put it a little bit further down, but oh well.

Bow ring from Glitter

Me today ^.^
I'll try to keep you updated! :D

Sweet dreams <3

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Last days + hairstyle~

Hello cherry-pies ~

Once more I have to apologize for lack of blogging... Been busy with friends and just being too tired when I get home. Gomenasai! *bows* 
Hope you all are enjoying your first signs of spring, because we are not seeing any of them, it's like another round of winter outside. I am starting to get really sick of snow now, and it doesn't stop! The moment you believe it's over, it starts again...-.- We're really going to turn into snow penguins for real! 

Little penguin me~;3
Somehow the idea seems quite comfy and warm. Anyway, what have I been up to lately? Not sure how entertaining it is, but I've mostly been with friends drinking coffee, being social and having fun. Oh and I've also started training again, it's time to start getting ready for summer. We also have our theater performance coming up soon, and that's kinda freaking me out because I DO NOT feel ready... >.<

The last days I've been trying to master the side braid, and I'm starting to get the hang of it. ^.^ It's still a little messy and falls apart easily, but the little time it stays still it looks good. What do you think? 

The best picture I could get this morning.

Using big heart to hide really annoying strand of hair that does not want to cooperate! >m<
Now I need to sleep to be able to wake up tomorrow.. 
Sweet dreams~ ^.^