Thursday, May 30, 2013

A mobile post written in half-sleep

Hi everyone! How are you doing?

I'm just making a short mobile post from bed to let you know that I'm still around ^^

Summer has finally arrived in our town! Today it was almost up to 30 degrees (c)! That's a lot for being so far north. We really reap the benefits of the Golf stream here. But that's just part of what makes Norway great, I guess ^.^

This afternoon some friends from class and I played sand volley ball. I don't usually do it, but I realized I should. This is one of the few ball games I actually have a chance of sucseeding in...
Tomorrow our class is going out to relax in the sun and swim (wash, I'm sorry, wash. After all, swimming is against school regulations). I'm looking forward to it! (Especially since the other half of the class are stuck inside with English exam. Who's laughing now?)
I'll try to get some pictures for tomorrow as well as some from today. I doubt they'll be pretty, but oh well.

Sorry for having nothing fancy in this post, but I'm dead tired and not a fan of blogging with my phone. Why can't you guys just follow us on Facebook instead, so I can prove my continued existence by posting an awkward picture or something. When it's a blog post I feel like it should have a higher standard, you know.
My feet hurt. And my eyes. I'll stop here.

Good night, sweeties! ^^

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Lazy day in the sun~

Hello sweet sunshine!

The last days of the week has been a little cold and rainy, but today it turned around. All day I've been lazing around and even got some hours in the sun. I'm going to try and get, well maybe not a tan, but at least some glow to my skin this year. I'm never able to actually get much of a tan... But my friends on the other side gets it easily. Like every year I will try. On the bright side, my fair skin might be a good thing when I'm in Japan.^^

The sun can be very damaging if one is not careful, so to you all: Remember to use SPF! On this I'm very lucky since I have a friend who is fanatic about people wearing enough sun block and stuff.. Hopefully I won't be getting too burned this year. Also it's really important that one drinks loads of water when being exposed to the sun for a long time. Re-hydrating is important!

My friend this summer <3
I've only been using this lotion for a couple of days so I haven't seen much results yet, but I hope to. ^^
Now I'll talk to you guys more tomorrow because it's already kinda late and I need my beauty sleep...
Bye Bye~

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

I'm back and (almost) finished with exams! :D

Hi sweeties!

Wow, one week since my last blog post... I'm really out of it. Sorry! But don't worry, I haven't forgotten about you! I've been making ideas for what to do for our half year-anniversary, and I've been busy with my math exam. I had it this Tuesday. I must admit I had this strong sensation of freedom when I walked out of the school door after five hours of non-stop math. I really surprised myself though.
I pushed myself to sit the whole time, and to do the all the tasks, even if I didn't understand them.
I feel like I did my very best, so if my grade doesn't improve... I think I might just lay down and cry.

As Gulli told you, it has finally become close-to summer up here in the cold north! Wiih ~
I'm really in summer mood now, and when I finished my exam it felt like my summer vacation just started. A bit sad to think about the fact that I have another exam coming up in June. Oral this time. If I get drawn in math this time too... Yeah, I think I might just lay down and cry.

I felt so sick and tired today that I stayed home from school. (They probably just messed around the whole day, anyway.) I try to make the best out of these re-charging days. I relaxed and tried to get rid of my headache. I had crazy PMS too, so it was probably the smartest to keep me away from people. After all, we don't want me to punch anyone ^^
While I was having so much time on my hands, I ended up re-discovering one of the bands I listened to before; Cross Gene. They've changed so much! For the better, luckily. I was also happy to see that they made their comeback in Japan, and they've started to make songs in Japanese. They have turned into a J-pop band, in fact! o.o
(Cross Gene is an Asian band with members both from South Korea, Japan and China. That's why they make their songs with many different languages. They speak good English too ^^)

Of course I'm a big K-pop fan too, but it can't compete with the thrilling feeling I get when I can actually understand some of the lyrics without any translation. It makes me relate to the music even more.
And also, let's face it: the K-pop industry have taken some wrong turns, and it bothers me to know that some of my fave bands might just be puppets for greedy label owners.

I got to sleep now, but of course I'll post a music video from the "new" Cross Gene before I leave:

Cross Gene - Shooting Star

Talk to you later! ~

BTW: Everybody please answer in our little question thingy up here, so that we know what to do for our half year anniversary! ^^ 

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Summer on the way~

Good evening all you sunflowers out there!

The last days have been awesome! I've finished my Russetime, celebrated the national day, finally got to take of the Russebukse for good and got to wear shorts and skirts again. Yaay!
The weather is awesome as well. It's been super sunny here and it feels like summer. Hope it last for a good while. It's always really pretty here in the summer, and today was no exception. Because of all the nature around us we have lots of beautiful scenery. If it were always summer here, that'd fit me perfectly.

Some photos from today~
We went grilling at Siljes place and it was super warm and perfect weather.

Tonto <3
Now it's off to bed for me^^
Bye Bye~ 

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Can math be cute?

Hi sweet people!

Yes, I am alive too. Despite all the little things that's been troubling me lately. God, the Devil, the angels, nature spirits, aliens or whoever is in charge out there must be having a lot of fun.
Since our last show Friday night and up til yesterday, I had a constant headache. Mom was convinced it was a reaction on finally having nothing to do. (That doesn't really makes sense, or...?)
Today I was actually feeling just fine, until I got to school and the Principal told us which exam we'll have.
What I got? Math. Which happens to be the the subject I'm worst at.

At first my reaction was this: 

Then I was like: 

And suddenly I was like:

After all, we'll be finished first. Our exam is on Tuesday, while the others have it many weeks ahead. In that way it won't take too much time, and I can focus on other things. 
Not to mention that our teachers actually do a good job in teaching us in the preparation days. I'm sure it's gonna work out just fine! ^^ 

To cheer myself up even more I found these pictures presenting math in a cute way:
(To me, everything that's cute is okay)

Wii ~

Let's just hope that all this self manipulation gives me good grades too. 

Good night <3

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

A look at my Russebukse~

Good evening everyone~ 

This is gonna be quite a short post because I'm off to bed soon.
In just a couple of days it's Norway's national day! The 17th of may. Since I am a Russ I will spend the night before the 17th out with fellow Russ and having fun all night long. Really hope I'll not be hungover on the day, but I'm sure it'll be fine. There are parades all over Norway this day, and we, the Russ goes on at least one of these. Luckily it's in the evening. 

Here are some shots of my Russe-clothes: 

I am really looking forward to being able to wear other clothes like skirts and jeans. I've missed them soooo much! It's kind of like torture for me who loves clothes, not to be able to wear all the cute outfits I have in my head. This is also why I've not posted any outfits here, since I've only worn the Russebukse and hoodies or baseball jackets. 

Now I'm gonna sleep so sweet dreams cutie pies~
Bye Bye~ 

Saturday, May 11, 2013

I am alive! o0


Yes, I am actually alive, or at least almost. I had a big cold attack as well as an asthma attack so I've been quite knocked out... The only thing I've been doing the past days are sleep, eat and drink LOADS of tea. Total focus on getting well enough for the premiere. And it went much better than I'd hoped for! I think I got out on the right moments and didn't mess that much up. ^^

Yesterday was our last performance and we did very well, only made some small mistakes that was not very noticeable. I have some photos from behind the scenes and I will share some of them with you all! It feels so good to be finished now, but also kinda sad. Like Silje I'm wondering what I'll spend my time doing now...
I guess I'll get more time to read up on my Japanese and prepare for our Japan trip.

Silje getting her hair done~ 

Mrs. Klinke

Mr. Klinke
Mr. Tidemeyer

Hair and makeup done!

Before fixing my hair

Tried to do a dolly makeup look~
 Tiny photo shoot ^^

Oh yeahm wearing my russebukse under the costume~

tiny shot of my costume with the jacket on

And here is me on the phone trying to get my camera back...-.-

As well as our last performance, yesterday was also Anja's 18th birthday! Spent the night celebrating this awesome girl and it was lots of fun. For the first time we went to a night club in the town, and they had really yummy cocktails.
Happy birthday sweetheart! <3
Hope you liked this
Bye Bye~

Thursday, May 9, 2013

The big day!

Good morning everyone!

Today is the big day! Our premiere starts at 7 pm tonight... We're heading over there around two to make everything ready. I'm not freaking out, but I can start to feel a little anxiety. What if I forget what to say? What if someone else does? Will we get a big audience?
Now I'll focus on giving myself some pampering before the craziness begin.

 Gulli will bring her camera, so if we get the time we'll shoot some pictures of our styling. The play happens in the 1920's, so we tried our best to match the styling back then. I think especially the hair and make-up was fascinating, maybe even a little bit creepy. I ended up looking like a old-fashioned porcelain doll... Luckily my costume is bright colored, so I won't scare anyone!

By the way, I just found out that in June the blog will have it's half year anniversary! I'm thinking of celebrating it in some way. Do you guys have any ideas? It would be much appreciated!
Can't believe time's moving so fast...
Anyway, I gotta jump in the shower now.

We'll be back soon with more ~

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

My dual personality

Hii everyone!

Good news: we're not dead! Just half dead. Both Gulli and I are down with a cold, and it's just two days until our theater premiere! Such a bad timing...
I stayed home from school today to nurse myself a little, and I figured it would be a good time to blog. It feels like I haven't blogged for ages now!
As Gulli told you we've had Russians over for a visit, it was so much fun! It really drained my energy though.
I had three living in my house, and only one of them spoke (a little) English! It was a bit exhausting to try to explain and make yourself understood on every single thing.
Of course, having foreigners on a visit is interesting too. Like that time they all stopped to take pictures of the scenery I walk past everyday. Russians are also so polite, and the boys are much better gentlemen than Norwegian ones. (Sorry, you guys.)
I was so surprised when one of them opened the car door for me! He had only known me for half a day.

Anyway, I'm really starting to feel my energy drain now. Yesterday my mother freaked out and claimed she couldn't remember the last time I seemed this tired. Apparently she has a sixth sense when it comes to my energy level. I know for sure things will be crazy the next days, but after Friday we'll get a chance to relax. This may sound weird, but I'm not sure if I'm looking forward to it or not.
Everytime we finish a play, I get this empty feeling inside. After all, we've worked for this since last autumn, and now it's suddenly all over.

In other words, I need to find new things to focus on! Working out comes high up on the priority list, as well as the blog of course. I've decided to use the upcoming time well, instead of sipping around because the theater season is over. Maybe I should practice cooking as well?
I've also thought about joining a local kick boxing/fighting sport club. I need a way to release all my frustration. I'm a good girl most of the time you see, so I tend to lock negative feelings away. This has started to transform me into some type of dual personality. (To those of you who are familiar with the term: I'm a 100 % yandere.)
I have these moments when I feel really psychotic, and almost opposite of my normal self. An evil, bitter, violent Silje, and I'm not kidding.
I've prepared a list with series I only watch in psycho-mode, and I have a playlist on my iPod designed to fit my evil thoughts. It has started to get pretty freaky by now, so I think it's about time I try to handle it.

I want this teddy bear so bad! It feels like we understand each other ^^ 
Ah well, I gotta run for theater practice now.

Talk to you later sweethearts ~

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Things I got in Oslo + Outfits~

Hi everyone! ^o^

How are you?
Guess what..? I've managed to catch a cold. So today I'll just sit home under my duvet and drink tea and eat soup. Just made me a ramyun noodle soup, and my nose has already cleared up quite good. It was super spicy. Hopefully I'll be better until I'm meeting my friends later. Our theater is hosting a Russian theater group who is in Norway now. Some of them are staying at Siljes house actually, and we're gonna meet up with everyone and eat pizza later today. They are really awesome, and I'm looking forward to get to know them better.

I thought I'd also show you guys a sneak peak into what I bought when we were in Oslo! This is the Asian/food I got. We went into some Asian food stores and found so much yummy stuff including Pocky, Funwariyaki (red bean cake/bun) and a Chinese steamed bun. I so want to eat that every day. Also got some Japanese stuff like a hiragana study book and some Rilakkuma stuff. Also got some clothes, but I don't have any photos of them right now..


At Starbucks with Anja <3

My super yummy White Caffe Mocha
Here are some outfits from Oslo:

Ready for dinner

Going out to eat burger~ 
Hope you found this entertsining ^^
Bye Bye~

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

A Norwegian's life in May

Hello everyone! 

Remember my post on how much I wanted light pink hair? Well, guess what, I still can't get it out of my mind. I've decided that I at least should wait until I'm completely sure on what to do. However, I can't keep myself from bringing up the matter to discussion all the time. I've discussed it with everyone from my hairdresser to my dog. When I get an idea I just can't forget about annoying.
Also, my hairdresser is huge fan of long, healthy au nautral hair. She's not too keen on the idea of bleaching it. In fact, she thinks it could be considered a crime to bleach hair like mine. 
She's got a bunch of good arguments like how damaged it gets, that I probably will have to chop it all of and so on. (Don't you just hate it when you have an awesome illusion and some super logical, reasonable person comes along and ruin everything?) 
We'll see, we'll see. But I have to admit that it would be sad to chop off my hair. Now that I've almost reached my goal to the hips and all... 

Another thing that's a little bit annoying: spring is coming soo slow! 
I slept over to a friend last night, and we got shock when we woke up this morning. It was snowing! It was freaking snowing on the 1st of May! 
I feel so sorry for all the little flowers and birds and sprouts that finally arrived thinking winter was gone and away. Do you think flowers can feel the pain of freezing to death? I don't know, but it's almost like I can hear their desperate cries when I walk past our flower bed. 

What else is it to say about our lives at the moment? It's busy as always.
In fact, May is a crazy hectic month for all Norwegian students. Not only do we have all our exams and finishing tests, we also have our national day and lots of other days that's holy or important in some way. And the russ (such as Gulli) spend almost more time drunk than sober. Wow, she's going to be so broken by the end of the month.
Speaking of "russ", on Friday we'll have visitors from Russia! It's a Russian theater group that comes to visit our theater group. All this is arranged by some cultural committee I've never heard about before. 
But hey, they'll treat us a meal at a restaurant, and in my head anyone that gives you free food are nice people. (It's plain luck I haven't been abducted yet.) 

Despite everything that's going on I'm very happy at the moment! Spring may be slow, but it is coming, and I'm loving it. The streets in our little town will soon be crowded once again by dandelions and tourists that takes pictures of everything. The other day I saw a bunch of them standing on the docks and taking pictures of the water. I guess it's rude to laugh at foreigners, so I tried to keep a poker face. Didn't work...
A happy cloud to make up for the mad one ~
Talk to you later ~