Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Merry Christmas! ^^

Merry Christmas guys!

Today is Christmas Eve here, and we just finished unwrapping christmas presents. I have been looking forward to opening these for quite a while now, and the suspension has been killing me.
Silje was sleeping over last night so we could watch the morning christmas shows together, it's kinda become a tradition to us.

Rigt now I'm sitting in my room watching Avatar actually, it's one of the maaaany movies they air during christmas. So I'll be sitting here the rest of the night.

I will try and put together some christmas fashion for you guys, so hopefully there will be a little more interesting post coming later. For now you'll have to deal with some of my photos from today. ^^

Traditonal christmas porridge <3 I didn't get the almond, so I didn't get no marzipan pig...
Well I'll get on with my movie now
Bye Bye^^

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Christmas vacation!

Ho-ho-ho, happy December guys!

Yesterday was the first day of my christmas vacation, and I can't express how good it is to get away from all the school stress. Instead I get a total different stress, the getting ready for christmas eve stress. I don't like christmas stress, but it is unavoidable, sadly, so I might just as well make the best out of it. For the past two days of my christmas vacation I have removed a drawer, moved my wall oven to make space for my christmas tree, cleaned and emptied lots of boxes containing all sort of stuff, made a temporary make-up table for myself, mopped the floor, viper dust and finally got my christmas tree up and decorated with lights. A little description of my day.

I have done more stuff too, but I can't ramble on about all the boring stuff I've done, now can I? No, I don't think so. Tomorrow I'll try to take picture of how my room looks when it's decorated for christmas, so I hope you'll enjoy that. Was also thinking of posting some christmas fashion/outfit ideas, so I'll see what I can do about that. ^^

To not make this post too boring, I'll put in some pictures from my last weeks:

It's so freaking cold here some days, so layering is important if you wanna survive. 

The happy moment when we had some snow to enjoy, now it's looking like an American christmas outside. 

Enjoying the snow outside~

Keeping up with my tradition on making a gingerbread house. 

My little treat after the last school day of this year. 

Todays yummy cappuccino~ 
I'll try and write more tomorrow.
Bye Bye^^

Friday, November 29, 2013

OOTD 21.11.13

Good morning sunshines!

Right now I'm at school, enjoying the fact that I now have internet everywhere I go! Which means I'll get to blog more. *insert happy music*

My pretty morning face =v=

Last week I sat in a car for three hours one way to get my teeth looked at for like five minutes, and after that I had the whole day to go shopping. Before another three hour car ride back home. So I have actually for the first time in history, gotten some christmas presents before December.

Here's what I wore that day, if it interests you:

I guess you might have already notice, I've got bangs! ^^

I'll talk to you all later.
Bye Bye ^v^

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Apologising once more...


I don't know what to say.. I thought I'd be able to blog more often after the last post, but life proved me wrong. I don't really have a super good excuse, other than being totally zombie on my part. Silje has also been quite dead on the blogging department, and I don't know if she'll have that much time to blog on in the future either. Since we both have quite a lot to do at school and the theatre. We'll just have to wait and see. I'm not gonna promise that I'll be able to update and write more often, but I can say that I'll try, again. I hope all of you who are reading the blog can forgive us? 

Now what have I been up to since my last post? Well I attended Avenged Sevenfolds concert here in Norway, and I can say it was freaking awesome!! I loved it! I also got to spend a weekend in Oslo at the same time so that was fun too. Did a little of christmas shopping, mostly got me some winter swathers, but I did get one christmas present ready. I tend to use so much time when it comes to christmas presents. It is so much easier to postpone it all the time... But this year I'll try and get it done earlier. ^^

I'll try to blog more later today.
Bye Bye^^

Friday, October 18, 2013

Fall/Winter inspiration!

Hello cutiepies!

The weather is cooling down, and it´s time to start getting out all those big, cosy sweaters of our closets. As you might already know, I love big, comfy sweaters, and I´m always on the look out for new ones. I make sure to wear them a lot this season. Not only are they cute, and fashionable, but they also let you stay warm all day. ^^

This is my inspiration for fall;
All of the pictures are borrowed from WeHeartIt

Big knit sweaters and cardigans

My number one way of keeping warm during fall and winter is big knit sweaters. They are so comfertable and looks good at the same time. They are quite flattering if you wanna hide you tummy after eating too much for lunch or just is you wanna look petite and cute, a big sweater is great for these purposes. You can mix and match with patterns, or just go for the plain ones with or without rib knit. I have also started to try and wear some turtlenecks. Turtlenecks can be really great for layering dresses and tops with low or open neck line.


Jeans will never go out of fashion, no matter what year or season, they will always make you look good, and be an essential part of your wardrobe. It can be peared with almost anything, and still you can look smashing, just add the right accessories. Go from jackets, to shorts, to pants. At least one pair of something jeans can be good to have. They are awesome for those days when you just don't know what to wear.

Patterned tights

Tights are good if they are thick enough. I wear tight during fall because it's not too cold yet, and they look good under a long sweater. I have a little love/hate relationship with wearing tights together with sweaters because so many are waring tights and short sweaters that doesn't cover the but or anything. It's so widespread and like a uniform, but tights are not enough to cover the but, and they get quite see-through some times... As long as the tights are thick enough and/or the sweater is long enough, I'm totally gonna rock tights this fall! Back to the topic, patterned tights. I've seen nordic print tights on the net, and I really want some. They are so cute, and give a winter feeling to the outfit. The patterns will also spice up a plain sweater or cardigan.

Big hats and scarfs

At least one big hat and a scarf is a must for me once the temperature turns low. It´s an ear saver. I tend to freeze my ears of really easily, so I always wear a hat. They are great accessories too, and can make a plain outfit pop. They are in so many different prints and fabrics for hats and scarfs, that you will find one you like. I tend to go for the wool ones, or at least the thick ones, and I really like the big beanies with and without a big puff at the end.


Oh how I love to wear boots. They give every outfit a more rocking and smashing look, and makes you look a little less innocent and more rebel looking. Boots are also really warm, but if they are not you can make them. I have some warm, wool soles I put in my shoes if they are not warm. Also wearing wool sock is a good way to keep warm, and it looks cool if you have boots and the wool sock stick out. At least I think that can be kinda cool. I have both boots with and without heals, so I can mix it up if I'm going to school or to a party. Sadly the heal ones make too much of a click clack sound to make me wanna wear them at school.


Even though the weather is chilly, we don´t have to freeze our legs of just to wear a skirt. A knit skirt and some either black or fancy patterned pair of stockings will let you keep your warmth and still look cute.


I think everyone has seen or worn leather during fall. It's a trend that's been around for a long time, and I don't think it's going anywhere. The only change is the amount of pieces that are made of leather now. We have skirts, dresses, pants, shirts, shorts, the list is endless. With so many pieces, it's easy to add leather into your wardrobe, but there can be too much leather. It's good to keep it at maybe two pieces with leather on an outfit. I guss anything goes, just don't add a leather top together with a leather bottom. That would be too much. Personally I wear a leather jacket with some leather boots, but that's where my limit goes.


Checkered or plain, a few good shirts are always good to have. I like to layer a lot with shirts, and this fall I´m gonna be using my red checkered shirt a lot. It´s good to choose some that are made of thick fabrick, but some light ones can also be good. I layer them over a plain white tank or a printed t-shirt.

Hope you liked this post, and I think I'll make more like this later.
Bye Bye^^

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Desucon; Japan & Cosplay! ^^

Hey everyone!

We're still working on blogging regularly, but there really is very little inspiration right now. Since it's really gloomy and rainy here, but I'm gonna stop being so negative now! Fall can result in quite some cute, layered outfits. I've also got myself a macbook air! Been saving for quite a time, and finally I can have a small, easy to cary around computer. Hope and believe I1ll be able to blog more now.

Lately I can't get the idea about getting side swept bangs again out of my head. I really like the look, but can't completely decide if I should or not. Have asked around, and some people say that I fit this hair, while others think that it could look cute.

From desucon; Japan and Cosplay last weekend!
Last weekend we went to Oslo to meet up with some of the people we went to Japan with, and we attended Desucon; Japan and Cosplay con. It was so much fun to meet them again, and I miss them. We are like really awesome family!

This is the outfit I wore that day. The dress is from Body Line in Harajuku. They have so much awesome clothes. <3
A super awesome cosplayed! She is Norway's best! Sorry for horrible quality!! >.<"

The judges in the cosplay competition. Once again poor quality pictures...-.-"
Hope this showed that we are still alive!
Bye Bye! ^.^

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Changing my diet!

Hey everyone!

It might not come as a big shock, but I'm lying sick in bed. I've had some serious asthma and breathing problems, but luckily it's starting to clear up. Because of this I have missed some days of school, so I need to get better quickly. I will try to manage my condition through my diet, and that's why I was told to try eating low carb, and avoid sugar, pork meat, flour, wheat, rice, pasta, the whole deal... I'm kinda struggling with the thought of not being able to eat bacon or noodles anymore, but if it means that I can get rid of my problems it's worth a shot!

I think I'll be writing more about that, and share with you all if I fin some good recipies and stuff.~

Tomorrow me and Silje are going to Oslo to attend Desucon; cosplay and Japan. We'll get to meet some of the awesome people we went to Japan together with! We miss them so much, so it's gonna be great to meet up again.=^.^=
I'll write more later.
bye bye ~

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Our life in Tokyo (part 1)

Hello there cuddly puffs!

Right now I'm sitting in school, and I thought I'd take some time and blog a little. I have plans to do a haul and show you guys all the stuff I got in Japan, I just need to get it organized.. I have a lot of beauty products and clothes to show. ^^
Sadly fall is approaching fast here, so most of the clothes I got don't fit the weather too good.

I still have a lot of pictures you guys haven't seen, and there is so much more to be told about the trip, so I think I'll do that now.

In the other post I wrote about the first day when we arrived, if you haven't read it, read it here.

A picture I took when we boarded our plane from Heathrow

Inside the plane~ What really annoyed me during the flight was the fact that they had to pause the entertainment every single time they had to say something... And if you were wearing headphones you could risk going deaf. 

The first days were super humid and warm since we hadn't gotten used to the heat yet. Fans were super holy and I think I have like seven or eight fans with me home. Every morning we had to wake up at 6 or earlier to get ready, and then there was breakfast at 6:50. We would leave the house, everyone, in their car at ten past seven. They drove us all to the train station where we took the local train to our school. The whole family would leave the house at the same time, and we managed to be kinda late often which caused all the other to be late... We felt really bad about that, and tried our best to hurry it up in the morning.

I can't find any of the pictures from breakfast I took... So the dinner will have to do^^

We would arrive at school an hour or more before we start, so almost every morning we'd grab a ice coffee or something, and sometime stop by the konbini store to get something to eat, drink or read. Slowly all the other host family students would arrive, followed by the campus students joining us. We had two or three hours of school every day, followed by an activity with the teachers where we'd go see the town.

My first purchase at the konbini~ 
When we finished our activity or trip with the teachers and leaders, we could go to places on our own, as long as we were two or more. I have spent many afternoons and early nights in Shibuya and Harajuku. They have so much awesome stuff, and I felt like my fashion inspiration burst into high mode. So many ideas! So many fashionable people! I think I might make an own post about the shopping experience later.~

From our trip to Asakusa^^  soo pretty~

My favorite place, Shibuya, especially 109 <3 <3
I will try and write more about it later, because I think I need to do some school work now..
Bye Bye~

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Back to normal.. +pictures

Hello sweethearts!

Once again I have to start the post with an apology..-.-"
Both me and Silje are totally zombies at the moment, because of the new school year and our longing to go back to Tokyo. We really miss it, and it still feels kinda weird being home again. The climate here is so much colder, so the beautiful clothes I bought isn't working with the weather here, also the "norms" for how to dress is totally different. But I'm sure we'll find a way to cope with this, we just need some time. As for school, I will have to work twice as hard this year, since I am taking kind of supplementary year to get enough study points to get into universities. I don't know what it's called in English, sorry...  So everything is much more complicated and difficult compared to last year.

A couple of weeks ago, me and some friends were playing around with my camera and discovered the fun in giving people gray hair in pictures. I promised my friends I would upload some of the photos, so here you go!

 Now you can pic and choose profile picture my friend~

Once again I am very sorry for our inactivity! We will try our best ^^
Now I must get ready for a new week tomorrow..
Bye Bye~