Thursday, January 17, 2013

A look into our life; Theater

Konnichiwa minna! (hello everyone!)

Today have been a long day. We were visited by some 9th graders who was gonna make food together with us, and for some reason the hours went by really slow. They were mainly going to make the food, while we were supposed to be their "teachers". I don't think I'm good at learning people stuff... Don't know how to tell or to give orders, I am not a bossy person. But anyway, we made some good food. ^^ Even won the best main course! :D Happy! 

This is how the table was decorated. Kinda simple, but it works.

our starter; Onion soup. Delicious! :3

The maincourse; Greek meatballs with salad, roasted potatoes, tzatziki and an mango- and peanut dressing  We won the best main course! :D 

Dessert; Cinnamon rolls with ice cream and raspberry coulis

And this is how it looked when we started washing the dishes... this must be the most we've ever had ;o Took a long time to finish. 

I finally managed to get the photos over to my computer, after a long fight, so I hope you will like them. Being in the theater is really fun, and you get to develop and find yourself. I only got a couple photos because my camera died.... But anyway, here is a look into our life; theater. 

 A random picture of my and Siljes boots. Hers are uggs which she use mostly on the theater, and mine, the ones inderneath, are some leather boots that I love to wear. ^.^ 

These are just some sneak peaks into our play. It's really funny. I will try to bring my camera to practice often, and hopefully get something to blog about. :D

Pretty Silje ^.^

Our friend trapped Silje. He is wearing his awesome hat!

 Haha, cutiepie Silje! ^.^

This was s lot of pictures. I hope you liked them, and let me know if you want to read more posts like this one. Now I think I better head to bed soon.... 

Good night~

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