Monday, January 28, 2013

My weekend~

Good evening sweeties~

Today I have been sick and home from school... My body don't handle cold too well, so when we switched bus on Sunday I was likely too cold, and the fact that it's super cold where we were. Anyway, I'm feeling a lot better now, so I'll most likely go to school tomorrow.

I know I've said this before, but I'll really try harder to blog... Once I get more in the rhythm and such I'll probably be better. :p Hope you'll be patient. Since we are getting more and more views I really have to get a grip and get better.

My last post was a quick one I just wrote when I got home, so I didn't upload any of the photos. Tomorrow is another day, and hopefully with more things to write about. ^^ so this one is gonna be a sequel to the other one I guess.

Some food we had the day we arrived. It was so good to finally get something to eat after the long bus ride. ^.^

It was snowing heavily the whole time we were there. Really pretty actually.


Lots and lots of snow~

The day we left, we made hamburgers for lunch/dinner. 

I did not take many photos, and I apologize for that... Now I think I need to go to bed, so I'll be able to blog more tomorrow. ^.^
Bye Bye~ 

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