Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Encouraging pictures just for you!

Hi guys! :D

So, I had a big plan yesterday! It was about Gulli and I taking lots of funny pictures during the theater practice, and post them here for you to laugh of.
However, Gulli is down with sickness. (Does anyone remember the "tropical-flower-planted-on-the north- pole" description I gave of her immune system? Well, it hasn't changed.) This time it's the flu, so she'll probably be down for a while. Hopefully she'll recover enough to blog again soon! ^^
But it wasn't only Gulli. Almost everyone were down with flu! There were hardly anyone there at all!
And the pictures would get rather boring if I were all alone on them, right? This, however, is not an excuse for not blogging yesterday! I was tired and sleepy, BUT it is not an excuse for all you poor people who checked the blog yesterday just to find *nothing*.
That's why, to show how sorry I am (I'm doing this for Gulli too, since her blogging hasn't been too active lately), I'm writing "Sorry" on all the languages I've noticed our readers speak so far:

Beklager! Sorry! Traurig! 죄송합니다! Arrepentido! Désolé! Anteeksi! Förlåt! съжалявам! 失敬! 
ごめんなさい! Mi dispiace! Sinto muito! Przykro mi!

That was the languages I could remember for now. As you probably understand I've used google translate on most, and as we all know google translate isn't very accurate... Many of you might be laughing over whatever strange things I've written! Well, I'm sorry for that too :(

I hate the flu season. All of your friends are ill, and I think I'm starting to get it too! I had an awful flu in the beginning of December, and I hope it will be a long time until I get something like that again. Can you imagine spitting in a cup while you're in bed because your throat is too swollen to swallow anything? Yep >.<
That's why I've been drinking many liters of tea the last days, and worn my scarf as a paranoid. I will not loose to the flu! Especially since I got a lot of school work coming up, and this term I promised myself not to fall off.

I have nothing more in particular to blog about today, so I thought I'd put in a bunch of random encouraging and mind blowing pictures ^^

I read a great comment on this: "Life is a wave, and we'll get crushed unless we dive right into it."  ;)

This is me.

And here's one for all of you poor fellows that's struggling with school work out there!  (Including myself.)

Hope some of this pictures brightened your day, if even just a little :3
I would also like to clear out that during the time this post was written, Gulli told me she had recovered again. She even attended school today! Nice going, tropical flower! Evolution always have a solution <3

Talk to you later :D


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