Monday, January 21, 2013

I got a goal!

Good evening everybody!
This is going to be a rather short post, as I really need some sleep. I'm blogging from my phone too, and it's very slow and uneffective.

I'm that kind of person who get chaugth in some crazy idea, and do my very best to fulfill it (for example this blog). Once I decide on something, I can't get it out of my mind. My possible exchange year to Japan has become one of it. It's not a normal exchange destination in Norway, and it's quite complicated to pull through. Asia tends to have a different school route than us, which means I have to move in the middle of next school year o.o
Kinda hard to make the teachers and principal accept that...
It's also hard concidering the high grades I need, the subjects I'll need to self study, the papers and confirments I need to move to Asia, and of course the language. I'm not gonna lie, Japanese is very different from Norwegian, and it's so confusing some times.
I'll have to pass a language test in both talking and writing, as well as an interview to find out if I'm suited as an exchange student to Japan.

I know it's gonna be worth it, though! ^^ I've had many reactions on my plans; from ''ooh, that is so cool!'' to ''you're WHAT??''. Some people remained silent for a long time until they said: ''Japan...? Don't they talk like ''ching chang chong'' over there?''
Well, I guess it can't be helped ;)

But if you've wondered what's been on my mind lately, now you know. I think it's nice to have a goal to reach after. It makes you more focused and motivated ^^ Now that I'm sure what I'm working for, I can put my full attention to it, and make progress, step by step :D

Do you prefer to work against a goal, or do you rather stay carefree?

Now I really need to sleep!
Good night! Oyasumi! <3

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