Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Simple step to happiness

Hi cuties! ^^

First of all, what am I doing? Eating a bowl of ice cream on a Tuesday? Well, in my new year resolution it stood clearly "NO chocolate or soda in weekdays!" But nothing about ice cream, so I've forgiven myself. :3
And by the way, I ate some tiny chocolates while visiting my grandmother today so, uhm... I'll work on it.
Why am I so weak for sweets? >.<

Let Rilakkuma explain: It's sweet, and it makes me happy! ^^ (I sound like a drug addict...)

Anyway, today I realized something. Why does so many people have a hard time accepting others?
I say many, because it is! Maybe you do it too, without even knowing it? 
And why is it that we have to accept others, anyway? Once someone told me: "I accept your taste is music. It's kinda cool." That really bothered me. Somehow he felt like he had to approve my own personal taste in music. Like it wasn't my decision! Like he was saying "I allow you to play that music on your iPod."
Here's what I think: There's no need for us to accept others. Just respect them, be amazed, or walk away. 
It's really that easy! And I know some people really want to be "accepted", but that's where they already went wrong. Don't give anyone the power to decide if you're good or not. It's not just giving ammo to your enemy, it's handing over your whole war plan! (Did that make sense?)
I mean, what if the guy had told me: "I hate your music. It's total crap." Should I've stopped listening to my music then? Switched to something else? Some people actually do this, and it's so sad. One should never change that much for others. 

People are different, and we all have our special talent! How can you know the talent of that not-so-popular girl in class, if you never talk to her? If you blindly go along with the flow all the time, you make it difficult for yourself to see both others and your own talent. You don't know what you're good at before you try it, and you don't know what others are good at before you give them a try! ;)

There are so many thing to amazed about in our daily life, but sadly many never notice it. 

Hope you all dare to be open and honest to yourselves! ^.^ 
By the way, what to you want to read about on this blog? If you have any suggestions or thoughts, don't hesitate to comment! : > 


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