Monday, January 7, 2013

Execution of my gingerbread house!

Hello sweethearts

I just got home from school and thought I'd actually try to blog a little. Sorry for not blogging much, but I couldn't get myself to write anything that made sense when I was sick... Don't think my head works the right way when I'm sick. :p

Like Silje mentioned we crushed my gingerbread house the other day. I have wanted to crush and eat it for sooo long, and it's been mocking me for weeks just standing there... But finally I got to eat it! :D And it was yummy! The whole roof was covered with thick icing sugar frosting and candy, as well as the walls. According to Silje it looked like an execution, but what are you to do when you don't want to get it all over the room? Had so much fun smashing it. It's half the reason why I make them.

Here you have the finished result of my crushing! This might be a good way to went out anger. Hmm, maybe I'll do that once. :p
I really love Christmas and all it's traditions, and am already looking forward to next year. Am I crazy? Nah, I'm perfectly normal.

So I've been thinking about what I should blog about, and I would like to get some tips and ideas what you would like to read about. Please give me some ideas ^.^

Bye~ ^^

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