Saturday, February 16, 2013

What I've been up to lately ^.^ +purchases +outfits


I wanted to wish all of you a belated happy Valentines day! Have not been on the computer much, and the days have been filled with work, eating or sleeping... On Valentines day I was working and went out to eat dinner when I finished work. Didn't do much more on that day since I was really tired. Yesterday was my last day at work, so now I can sleep and just relax the whole winter break. It's gonna be so good. And I also have time to blog, yaay! This is also my last weekend here in Mosjøen, and I am looking forward to get home to my friends. Yesterday my friend Audun came to visit, and it's so much fun being able to see him again. Just like me, he has also been working these past two weeks.

Today we went shopping! I finally got my scholarship money so I got me some new clothes. Happy~ ^.^
I will show you what I got, but first some pictures from my days here.

This is where I have been working the past two weeks. A more than hundred years old bakery. It was really great working there because everything was made from scratch and the people there was fun working with. (worked mostly with the owner since the other employee was on sick leave) 
This is the owen where the bread and cakes are baked. Really warm and good to stand by~ ^^ 

While I was there I got to help make a lot of stuff, like the danish bread I mentioned in another post that I ate for breakfast. Also been making bread, berliner, different types of cookies, and Norwegian Prince's cake (fyrstekake). I have also been managing the checkout. It was really fun talking to all the different types of customers that come in.
The things we sell

the beginning of danish pastry

Chocolate cookies~ They were super yummy when just taken out of the oven! 

A good example of my breakfast/lunch everyday o0
As for my dinner the past day, I've made different stuff. Made chicken soup one of the first days, and wok vegetables on rice with chili sauce, of course noodles, beef strips or spring rolls and onion rings. We have also been eating out sometimes.

This is actually what I ate on Valentines day. I really regret ordering this, because it was mostly mushrooms in it ( I hate mushrooms...) and the menu said nothing about mushrooms.. -.-

This has to be the best burger I've ever tasted! t's called the King Burger and it really is~

Wok veggies and rice :D

My chicken soup ^^ it's really good~

Dessert at a chinese restaurant; Banana split <3
Like I said earlier in the post my friend Audun came yesterday, and we went out to eat King Burgers again. Then our friend wanted to show us his workplace so we went there and I got to try on one of their work uniforms. They were sooo comfy! I could easily walk around in one of those all day. Had a lot of fun by taking pictures with it around the machines. (he is a mechanic)

Audun~ :D

Aw yeah! borrowed his bunny ears and card glasses ^.^

Looking good~ xD

I felt kinda small alongside all those big tricks ;o 

Maybe I'm in the wrong school, maybe I should be a mechanic :p

My legs don't look too bad in these ^^

Do I got swag? xD

Even managed to take some outfit snaps, but unfortunately only these two...

If you follow my instagram you have probably already seen this pic. I really love my faux fur hat <3

Pretty night view~ 
In honor of Valentines day;

Really liked this jacket :D perfect for when it gets warmer out

A cute top I found on sale

Socks, you can never get too many because they always disappear in mysterious ways...-.-

Really cute underwear~ ^.^

My new love <3  
I finally pursued my mom into letting me use contacts! :D

Strawberry milkshake :3 yummy ^^

This was a looong post, but I hope you enjoyed reading it ^.^
Bye bye~ 


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