Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Five must-hear songs ^^

Good evening everybody!

I had a lot to do today, so it got this late before I could blog. I'm a little "reduced" by a cold too, so I really need a long night's sleep.
I was thinking of what I could  blog about that would be easy and quick to write, but at the same time somewhat interesting for you to read.
My best answer: music! My taste in music is known to be a little different than usual, especially here at home, but I'll share with you anyway. Maybe you can find something new that you like? ^^

This is basically the music I've been listening to lately, and it has a great impact on my mood. Happy, sad, strengthening or just plain crazy, here are 5 music videos for the beginning of 2013:

Nu'est - Face vs. B.A.P - Warrior. This gotta be the best mash-up of all times! O.O

B.A.P - One Shot. This was actually released today!

Skye Sweetnam - Hypocrite. No song describes myself better than this one!

B.A.P - Rain Sound. Rain and B.A.P are a perfect combo :3

Inna - More Than Friends. I'm a big Inna fan too, and she's finally releasing a new album soon!

This is really just a little peek of what I listen too (I'm more varied than people think), but if you would like to, I can post something similar with 5 new videos next time I'm in a hurry ^^

Sleep well <3

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