Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine!

Good evening/afternoon everyone! ^^

How are you all doing? Sorry for not blogging yesterday, I went over to a friend to watch a movie yesterday, and it got pretty late. I can't afford to loose too much sleep either, I need it. Some people need their beauty sleep, and I need my mood sleep. I can get really negative and depressing when I'm tired.
"Silje, do you want to go shopping today? ^^" "Noo, I just wanna lay here and sleep forever. I don't want to go out. Everyone thinks I'm ugly, I have so much school work. I need a vacation...blah, blah, blah." etc.

Today have been a very happy day, however, and I've been energetic all day. Wish I could be smart enough to use that energy to do school work instead of talking, but, oh well.
Today also happens to be Valentines day, but it's not big deal for me since I don't have a boyfriend anyway. Valentines day ain't celebrated much in Norway, and I'm kind of happy about that. Some places blow up Valentines day like it's Christmas Eve, and it must be terrible for all people with a broken heart that feels ignored or unloved >.<

Forever a single... too busy to mingle.

I don't mind being single, as it gives me more time to focus on other things. Of course I miss a boyfriend sometimes, but I've realized that the time just isn't right.
I'm more than happy if I can just keep up my grades, stay in touch with all of my friends, learn more Japanese, and keep this blog nicely up and running this spring.

I'd also like to welcome our new readers from Taiwan and Malaysia, haven't seen your countries on the list before! Great to have you with us! \^.^/

 I have a Valentines date with my readers <3
Hope to see you all around!

Much love ~

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