Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Finally, we meet again~

Why hello there cuties~

I just noticed that we've passed 2000 page views on the blog  *applause* So let's hope for more and more views in the future.^^ We just got home from the town where we met Silje, whom I have not met for over two weeks. It was really good to see her again, and we got to catch up on things. Like she mentioned in her post earlier today, it's finally getting a little warmer (or it might just be the fact that I have spent two weeks in a super cold place...) and sunnier here. *happiness* ^.^

You have probably already noticed that we don't have a proper header or anything on the blog.. Yeah, we're working on getting a header made. Hopefully very soon. So you'll have to bear with what we got for a little while longer. We are also planning to make a video together, but it might take some time... It will be done!

Like I said we met Silje in the town and drank some coffee~ I have not been drinking any sort of caffe latte or mocha for the past two weeks, so that's also something I've missed. Since I've gotten a lot better at bringing my camera with me when I go out I managed to get some pictures from today. ^^

As usual, a picture of my beloved coffee <3


Therese~ ^.^ with a HUGE Kinder surprise egg

Trying to figure out what was inside... o0
 We sat for like an hour on a bench outside a food store... Since things close rather early here, there are not many choices for places to go.

And of course a picture of me ;) 
My nails are preparing for spring to come :D
I have noticed that pastels are going to be big this spring. They are everywhere in stores and magazines, and it's perfect for me because I love wearing cute pastel colors. So I am going to have to restock my nail polish collection with some super cute pastel colors. This was the only one I could find today...

We were all wearing black boots today 

I feel like I had wanted to show you this picture, my eyes look kinda awesome/scary :D

Pretty sky in Mosjøen the day we left ~

Hope you liked this post, and please let me know if there's anything you want us to write about^^
Bye Bye~

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