Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Happy winter day! ^.^

Hi sweeties!

Today is such a lovely day! We're finally getting into that part of winter that I really like. We still have snow, but we have the sun too. The days are getting brighter, and I was so surprised last morning when I woke up with sunshine in my face. (What bright light is this?)
The temperatures have gone a little up, so now I can walk my dog without freezing inside my big, black parkas. And since I'm not freezing I can walk a little slower and take a look at what's around me too ^^
The only down in the ice on the roads... It's a miracle I haven't fallen yet.

This is me today. I'm wearing my beloved light pink knitted sweater ^^ It has been a close friend throughout the winter. So far this has been a rather laid back day, but I'm meeting Gulli and some others in town later and apparently we had a bunch of stuff to do. 

Now that we have entered the better winter time, I was delighted to see that the online fashion store Milanoo is having a little give-away. It is a super cute winter coat, and it's perfect for this time of year between winter and spring when I need a winter coat light.
They are still hosting the give-away on Facebook, the more people that joins, the more winners:
Cute winter coat give-away

It looks so soft and warm and cozy and cuddly :3

Something else that brightened my first days of winter vacation was the new NU'EST song "Hello". 
It was released 13th of February, and I've been listening to it non-stop ever since. 
There are many reasons to why I'm a huge fan of them, but one of the main reasons is that when I normally listen to a song, I love it in the beginning, but then I grow tired of it. When it comes to NU'EST songs, I love them the more I listen to them! I still listen to their debut song "Face" everyday, event though it was released a year ago! 

This is one of their saddest song so far, but it's so gentle and sweet, and it's the perfect soundtrack for a walk in snow and sunshine.

Can't get enough of it >.< 
Remember to watch in HD with English subtitles on, the lyrics are amazing!

A little update from me before I continue the day, hope you all are having a good time too ^^

See ya ~ 

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