Friday, February 8, 2013

Winter fashion; knits ^.^

Good evening Jigglypuffs ^.^

It is freezing cold here, and I'm sitting snuggled in a big comfy blanket with a cup of tee, watching wipe-out  We are down to -21 degrees and clear skies here, making it extra cold, so it's really important to keep warm. My winter fashion, I think I mentioned this in another post, consists of mainly big, comfy sweaters and tights or jeans. I tend to start freezing really fast in winter, and it's really hard to find big and long sweaters in stores here. They are almost always a little too short...

This one is super adorable~ I love cute bunnies <3

Pockets, something I always need.  And the color is really cute

Such a cute detail with the ribbons on the pockets. ^.^

A cute turtleneck is something essential in a winter wardrobe.

Looks really comfy~

Nordic pattern

All of these knits are from and it's deffinetly on my wishlist if the cold weather stays for a long time. Now I'll have to start thinking of my new spring wishlist~ So looking forward to the warm weather. :)

Hope you liked this short post^^
Bye bye~


  1. good im not the only one wrapped up in a blanket ^w^


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