Monday, February 25, 2013

Tiny, Tiny Shopping Haul~

Hi there ^^

So today school started again and I am already missing winter break, but it is also quite good to meet people again and actually do something during the days. Luckily there is less than half a year left until summer vacation! And I'm really looking forward to this one. Going to Japan, Desucon (a convention), my first summer being 18 and basically being with my awesome friends. ^^

On Friday Me and Silje met up in town to do some shopping and off course our regular coffee date. I will show you the things I bought, which is actually stuff I needed now.

I got a hair mask, nail polish in a beautiful minty green color, a top coat to prevent chipping of the color and two facial masks. 
This hair mask is great! I have just recently discovered Aussie, but I already love this mask. It makes my hair so soft and shiny, and it smells really good. I'm always on the look for the perfect products for me, and this one is gonna stay for a while. The nail polish is from Essie which is really good brand. They have so many cute colors. The top coat is from the same brand, but I have not used it much yet so I don't know what it's like. Lastly the masks; these sheet masks are so awesome, and make my face feel good. They have become a part of my recovery routine for hangovers as well. Because I always tend to feel really dull or dehydrated, so facial masks are great to re-hydrate. 

Wearing one of the sheet masks <3
I really liked this photo^^ 

Pretty flowers on my desk
I feel like my resolution about going to bed earlier is not working out too good.. -.-
Anyway Bye Bye~

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