Sunday, February 24, 2013

My hobbies! Are weird.

Hi everyone! ^.^

Oops, I did it again... Now you probably thought I was gonna say: "SORRY I FORGOT TO BLOG YESTERDAY!! :((", but nope.
That is true of course, but the particular thing I messed up with this time was school work. School work that I was supposed to deliver digitally during the winter break.
Have I delivered it? No.
Have I written it? No.
Have I started to write it? Haha, nope.
When should I start to write it? NOW.
What am I doing? Blogging.

Luckily it's a rather simple text about "my hobby". I have a bunch of weird hobbies, but when it comes to writing it down, my brain goes blank. I don't have any hobby it's easy to write about.
Hobbies I could (not) write about:

  • Watching Korean music videos. Yeah, I do that a lot. But isn't it a little hard to explain why? Something tells me that my teacher doesn't share my passion for Asian boys dancing and rapping so fast that not even Koreans can understand, all while wearing such creative fashion that Joan Rivers eyes would probably pop out. Well, it her loss. 
  • Watching anime. I do that a lot too! Still, as a hobby it's not so much to tell about, unless my teacher want me to go in detail in the different series. (Which I doubt she will). Well, it's still her loss.
  • Acting and working in a theater. Yes, that may have some more substance, but still I don't exactly what to write. And I must admit, knowing my teacher, that she would expect me to throw in a lot about theater history. Yaay. No.
  • Walking my dog. No wait, that's not a hobby.
  • Sitting for many hours in a row, always at the same cafe with Gulli. But what am I supposed to write about? Our conversations? I doubt my teacher would be interested in that. (Hint: the two upper points on this list.)
  • Blogging.... That could work! I'll just write why I blog, how often, what I've learned from it etc. 
Then, sweet people, I'll just go and write a little text about blogging, and to be more effective I'll just add this post as a part of the text! :D (Do you think I have to translate it? Noo, she'll understand.)
Before I go I must make sure that you all watch this hilarious video, which always make me laugh so hard I can't breath. Once you watched it you'll probably understand why people say I have a bad sense of humor.

Admit it, you smiled at least once.

Now I gotta hurry and write that text before it's Monday ^^

See ya ~

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