Tuesday, February 5, 2013

My shopping list for spring! ^^

Hi everyone! ^.^

So today, like most other days, I was staring out the window at school and longing for spring. Yeah, winter is cozy and pretty and all that, but it's nothing compared to when leaves and flowers start popping up everywhere and I wake up to birds singing.
And when it comes to clothing, my wardrobe is longing for a fresh spring breeze too. I'm so frustrated by it now, nothing match anymore! And those pieces I want to wear, of course ain't warm enough. >.<
To make time go faster, and to be totally prepared when the dandelions make their arrival, I've been looking up my summer fashion for this year, and made a shopping list!
Wanna take a look?

(You might notice that there are lots of shoes here... I'm a shoeholic ^^)

I've always wanted a classic, "school uniform" skirt. Maybe I can find a good one in Tokyo too? ^^

I couldn't find better pictures than these... But these ballerina shoes from Apparel Dynasty are so cute!

Some of you may question this. Why would you wear platform sneakers, when you can wear normal sneakers?
Well, because it's cool! :D That's my best answer. And if you're a hipster that like to rebel against clothing norms these are perfect!

Lovely, plain high stockings that can be worn to so much!

Imagine a long, loose skirt in the summer breeze...ah. Summer! NOW!

I've wanted military-style boots for so long now, and here they pop up in so lovely colors! Perfect to make an outfit a bit more rough ;)

I would like some opinions on this skirt, since it's quite original. Is it cool, cute or weird?
I'm not sure, but either descriptions are okay by me! Fashion is a type of art, right? ^^ 

This are some of the key items I would like to have for spring/summer 2013!
What do you think? Should anything be added or removed from the list?

Talk to you later, my little dandelions! ^^ (I'm in such summer mood right now!)


Tell us what you think! ^.^