Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Inspiring short travel movie: Sayonara Nippon

Hi dear ones! ^^

Late night-post from me. I should be going to bed, I'm really burned out. I had one of my "thinking days" today, it's when all types of philosophic and depressing thoughts hit my mind at a random moment and I end up thinking about it the whole day. It can be really exhausting to think too much, and my brain just doesn't have an off-button. >.<

Thought I'd share this lovely video from Vimeo. It's called "Sayonara Nippon" (Farewell Japan), and is basically a short movie a guy made after travelling there. This guy obviously is a genius when it comes to movie-making, and he managed to capture all those tiny moments that makes life beautiful :3
Since I'm going to Japan, it's especially fun for me to watch!

Sayonara Nippon

It's uploaded to YouTube as well, but I couldn't find a link to upload it directly on the blog :/
I'm sure you all manage to click on the link, though :D

Let me know what you think of it, or even better, let the creator Kyle Kien know by leaving a comment on YouTube! ^^
Sayonara Nippon on YouTube

We'll try to make a longer post tomorrow, and we'll continue on our "Project: Cool Header". (Everything needs a fancy name these days.)

Oyasumi <3

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