Tuesday, February 5, 2013

My day~ ^.^

Good evening lovely people!

I want to share with you guys my good friend Anja's blog! She just started, but it's really worth checking out. She is really cute and awesome! ^.^ Check it out here: lifeofanjaa.blogspot.no Go read and do come back here~

Today was the second day of my internship at a bakery here in Mosj√łen. I have been making danish pastry, pepper cookies, and some bread. Oh, and I also got to manage the checkout. ^^ Managed to some pictures the past days, but they are either of me or food...

I have really started liking the chubby bunny face of mine :p Kinda cute, what do you think?
My lunch this past two days... I love danish pastry~ 

Another over-sized sweater of mine^.^
Noodles~ <3
Enjoying my noodles
See you in my next post~
Bye Bye~

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