Sunday, February 10, 2013

Fashion trends: wigs!

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Today's post is about wigs. Wigs are greatly underestimated by most of us. You might think of the super synthetic, obviously fake wigs that we only put on during Halloween, but the times are changing!
Wigs are a great way to change your look for a day, without doing anything drastic.
I, for example, have a secret desire for bright red hair like Rihanna. But I can't make myself dye it like that, because of the damage it may cause my hair, and the fact that most of my wardrobe doesn't fit red hair at all. But if I buy a high quality red wig, however, I can wear red hair whenever I want to, with matching clothes.
In a time where you can change the color of your eyes in an instant, and show off your whole personality in one outfit, I think it's about time that wigs make their return to the fashion scene.
Luckily it's getting more and more accepted by the public, and the wigs are made in better quality.

Let's face it: To wear a wig on everyday basis sounds super weird and eccentric to many, but why? Is there any problem with it, except the fact that it's uncommon?

If you're into pop-inspired, bright colored fashion like I am, it's easy to see the advantage of changing hairstyle everyday without causing damage to the hair. If you've ever played with the thought of having bright turquoise hair, you can have it one day, without regretting it afterwards!

But it's not only because of color wigs are getting popular. You can change the style of your hair immediately, without using expensive hair extensions. They don't have to be made of human hair either, high quality synthetic wigs can look unbelievably realistic too! It's a rather cheap and easy way of getting longer, thicker or curlier hair.
The wig trend is growing steadily, and I can hopefully be a part of it too, once I get the opportunity to shop properly again ^^

This is made of synthetic fibers too, but it doesn't look fake, right?

I added this picture of a man's wig too, just to show how realistic it can look ^^

Feel like wearing light pink hair for a day? Well, why don't you do it! 
 Hope you got to understand my opinion on wigs. Of course, there are many out there that looks as fake as that green witch wig you wore to Halloween in 2nd grade, but as the trend is increasing, so is the quality. Just make sure you buy them from a qualified shop, and try them on if possible.
Once you have a fitting, realistic wig, there's a sea of fashion opportunities!

What do you think of wigs? Would you wear one outside costume events?

Talk to you later, everyone! :3

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