Sunday, February 10, 2013

Thumbs up for self development!

Good evening cute ones!

Sorry for the late post. It was my grandmothers birthday today, so I've been there the whole time ^^

This morning I read my diary. It doesn't stretch far back in history, I started to write in January 2012. But it was fun to see just how much I've changed during the past year! Some parts were a little embarrassing, and I felt like it was written when I was twelve. (How could I even think of that??)
Most of it was interesting and encouraging to read, though. When I read it now, knowing how it all turned out, I'm grateful that I'm not so confused anymore, and that all my worries back then are cleared up.
I couldn't help but notice that even though I was more negative back then, I was strong too. When I think back at all the pain I felt, I'm surprised that the past me didn't complain more.  The past me had accepted that this was a hard time, and she had high hopes for the future. Reading it now is like reading the thoughts of a different person, and I promised myself that I wouldn't let the past me down.
When most people write "Dear Diary", I write "Dear future me". The main reason that I write is for the future me to learn from my mistakes, and to remind myself of my goals.
It really works, and I look forward to read my present diary notes in the future!

My self confidence has grown a lot the past year, and I've learned a bunch of things. I can honestly say that I've become a better person. That inspires me to work even harder so that the future me can look back and think: "I really did my best".

Well then, how am I going to improve myself this year? According to my new year resolutions there a lot of "adjustments" to be made. My main goals are to improve my Japanese, improve my grades, and further develop my personal style.
I think living is about finding yourself, and find out what you are capable of doing!
I need to recite my favorite blogger Rainbowholic on this one: "When you dream, you are halfway there." ;)

Well, enough about the dream-thingy already! I have major expectations for 2013, even though I told myself not to. I'm going to Tokyo and I'll continue to develop this blog!
Gulli and I have big ambitions, and I hope you'll stick with us on the journey! I learn about myself while I'm blogging, and I'm teaching myself to remember everything I come up with, so that you can read original stuff.
It kinda goes automatic now: "Ooh, that sounds interesting, maybe I can blog about that? Or maybe I can blog about this?"

In the near future I plan on more fashion-oriented posts, and why I think fashion is so important in being ourselves! ^.^

Hope you all look forward to whatever I'll come up with! My blog entries are like a peek into my brain, and that place is kinda messy...

Talk to you soon ~

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