Sunday, February 3, 2013

Grand blog ambitions!

Hi everyone! :D

It's been a few days since I posted something. I've been a little burned out, and I had some schoolwork to catch up too. Luckily Gulli has been posting frequently and kept things up and running! ^^

You would think that after a break I would return with an extra inspiring, long and meaningful post.
But no, the gods haven't blessed me with some huge blog-revelation just yet. My brain has been working on some grand ideas, however, they are a bit hard to pull through. (Like most of my ideas.. *sigh*)
But not less it's something I'd really like to do! I spend a lot of time thinking of how to improve the blog, and make it more interesting for you to read! :3
I'll post some of my blog ambitions here, let me know what you think ^^ :

  • A new design! The design we have now is pretty cute, but I'd like a special made, more personal design that would fit Sakura Kiss perfectly! Both Gulli and I are hopeless technophobes, so we'll have to find another person fit for the task ^^
  • More pictures of me! Once Gulli mentioned to me: "There are so little pictures of you on the blog, the readers hardly know how you look like." I know! I've had some camera complications, but I'll get better and make it a routine, so you at least know who's writing. Right now I seem more like a blogger-ghost, don't I? >.<
  • More pictures in general. I've got this habit that I google most of the pictures I use. But I'll try to add more pictures from my daily life, such as clothing, make-up, the things I do, and my surroundings. (Haven't you all longed for your daily weather forecast from Norway?)
  • A video blog! This is something Gulli and I have talked about for a long time! Unfortunately, she have just gone to a another town to work at some bakery for two weeks .__.  (The name of the town is Mosj√łen; it's a rather depressing place, and NOT on top of your "things to see in Norway"-list.) We'll make one as soon as we can, and maybe, just maybe, I have the courage to make one on my own.
  • More fashion! I love fashion, but I don't live in the most fashionable place. Street snaps and such are next to impossible here, so I'll go for more general fashion posts like the Lolita post. I thought I'd also show some more of my own fashion preferences and inspiration sources. 
Would that be to your liking, o great readers? ^.^

Gulli will soon post some snaps from our cafe trip yesterday, so you'll get another chance too see how I look like, haha :D
If you already forgot that, however, I'll post an old pic right now:

Sweet dreams everyone! ^.^

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