Thursday, March 7, 2013

Math test: accomplished! ^^

Hi sweethearts! ^^

Did I say there was a blizzard the other day? Well, it was nothing compared to yesterday! The weather was raging outside. When we drove a friend of mine home, it was suddenly so much snow in the air that we couldn't see the road! (Good thing I wasn't in the driver seat, I'd panic).
Something else that's freaked me out a little bit was the fact that I was going to have a math test today. The entire day. I do quite good at school, but when it comes to math... You could say it's my weak spot.
Math doesn't make sense to me like the other subjects. I have to concentrate really hard, or else the digits and letters just float together in a big mess in my head. At the same time my goal is to do good in ALL subjects, so I have to conquer math to succeed. But it's just so complicated :(

Luckily I think it went pretty well, and I'm hoping for a 4 (C)! ^^ Or maybe I just felt it was going good because I actually misunderstood all the tasks... It will be interesting to see.
The weather had calmed down today, so I didn't freeze to death or got blown off the road or something when I walked home. You got to appreciate the little things!

Now that I got that math test out of my head, I'll try to focus on different matters. I need to get serious with working out (if I want to fit in the clothes we find in Japan), I need to get better in Japanese (so that I can ask the shop employees to bring a bigger size), and I really need to find more interesting topics to blog about.
What would be to your liking? ^.^

Talking about blog matters, we are currently working hard on making a new header! (A bit late, I know).
I hope it will turn out nice, and I'm sure you are just as tired of the old header as we are.
That's why I'm sharpening my photo editing skills a little, so that I can make better and cooler pictures for the blog :)

Practiced my photo editing-skills on this picture I took today. The plan was really just to show the new nail polish I'm wearing (Forever Yummy by Essie), but oh well. 
I know I've said it many times before, but I can't wait for spring! It feels like I've been trapped inside the house the whole winter, and I miss those days where you can go out without looking like an Eskimo soo badly! >.<
Oh, and Gulli is planning on getting some more professional camera equipment, so now you can look forward to dazzling pictures of us wearing the latest spring fashion in blooming, sunny Norway.
Or at least, that's the ultimate goal but, uhm... We'll see.

Talk to you later, now I gotta work with the header! ^^


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